Thursday, February 11, 2010

Definitely Needed Some Help

Well, Maybe I Could Have Done It Myself

Or, maybe not. The pine branch across the east driveway was BIG and HEAVY. While I could lift it with the tractor, I couldn't get enough of a grab to move it. I was contemplating getting the tow chain when my friend's son came by to help out. We managed to drag the branch on to the front lawn out of the way. Then I handed the wheel of the tractor over to him and he worked for another hour or more cleaning out the rest of the driveway. Since he enjoys driving the tractor, I was just as happy to have him do it.

The snow is deep and heavy. I would guesstimate we easily have at least 16 inches, and this is wet snow so it's not fluffy. And that is on top of whatever we had the last time. So we are talking about 2 feet in some places. Below are the pictures I promised. The first one is of Mic waiting for me at the back door. I took it though the screen, so it's not as clear as it might be, but this was the face that greeted me.

Then, there are the obligatory snow pictures. The "foggy" looking ones are while it was still snowing. The ruler was from early yesterday before the second storm was finished, and that's at 10 inches already. You can see the tree branches down in a pile by the carport. These are a tangled mess of fairly heavy branches. The poor tree was stripped in the front. You'll see Toby looking a bit disgusted as he hangs out under the run in. There are the snow piles in the back of the house, and if you look to the right on the shot going down the driveway, you will see a mass of evergreens which do not belong at ground level. That is two more big branches from the pine tree. One of them is lying on my fence, so I will have to deal with that one before too long.

I'm OK here for now. I have a nice clear path to the barn, and the driveways are open. But there may be another storm headed this way on Monday or Tuesday. I do have a few more open spots to put the snow, but it's going to be tricky, as I said in the last post. I haven't seen snow like this in years. I do recall some really bad storms when I was a child, so it's not unheard of, but now that it's my responsibility to clear out the mess, it puts things in a different perspective.

While my friend's son was plowing, the traffic was streaming by, one car or SUV after another--many of them driven by women. The road was still pretty bad, but they kept coming. Where the heck was everyone going? Then I called my choir director to see if perhaps cancelling rehearsal tonight would be a good idea and I caught him on his cell phone---at Dunkin' Donuts buying coffee. OK, just how much sense does that make?

Oh, wait, I nearly forgot. For you all there is also, in the middle of the pictures the metaphorical image of marshmallow on the fenceposts. It's my artistic side coming through. *G*


  1. Great Pics Jean - you're certainly getting your share (and more) this winter . . . darn Punxsutawney!

  2. pretty - and a pretty good mess!

    hope you all survive it .. and even if he don't cancel choir, i guess you won't be going?

    dunkin donuts is SUCH an essential trip...

  3. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Wow - ugly! Hope you miss the next storm.

  4. What a winter we are all having. I should have ridden Radar today but I simply could not face the cold out there. At least I don't have your foot of snow, only half an inch.


  5. No, no, no! Keep it away from me! (The snow, not the animals)