Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Midweek Meltaway

Morning Snow

We had real snow again last night. Only enough to coat the trees and the ground, so it wasn't bad at all. As the day went on, the sun came out and very gradually, the snow melted.

In the early afternoon, I went out to take the waterproof sheets off the Boys, leaving them in their lightweight blankets. At that point, the ground was still frozen and lumpy. I figured, once again, there wasn't much point in riding with that kind of erratic footing.

But once again, nature played me the fool and by the time I went out for evening feed, the arena seemed to be pretty well thawed. Yet again, I had already fed the Boys by that point and simply ended up poo picking the arena. The sun was on the verge of going down, so it's going to freeze back up pretty quickly.

I won't play fox and the grapes here. Another missed opportunity, but frankly, it still felt pretty cold to me. I am getting worse and worse about being outside in the cold, that's for sure. If I am going to ride with C., I'm going to have to figure out how to stay warm. Guess I need to dig out the long underwear! Funny how, with the barn in the back yard, I don't need the layers of clothes I used to wear when I had to drive to the boarding stable. Now, if I get cold, I just go back into the house to warm up again. I am spoiled!

I suspect my farrier will be coming tomorrow, although he hasn't called yet. Either way, it's OK. Tucker's shoe is still on and none of the Boys has grown a lot of foot. The hoof growth always slows down in the winter. If Scott is coming however, I will have to be prepared for a full visit of playing fetch with Mic. I will have to make for the lost time from the last shoeing when I was in the hospital. If Mic does come to the back door before I get out there, I will be sure to take a picture of him from inside. Should be cute if I can get one.

Anticipating tomorrow, I missed today's meltdown by an hour or so.


  1. Still very cold here. I start to have enough of the cold! So does Teena who is very rigid. Poor Baby girl!

    Our website is

    We had a clinic with Pierre Ouellet. He was brilliant! It is reassuring that some people in Italy know what they are speaking about!

  2. This winter is getting old real quick for me. We've got ice this morning and until it melts I'm stuck at home.

    I have a pair of riding breeches from Equissentials that are winter weight with a nice warm lining in them. They keep you toasty warm when riding, check out their site. They make them up in less than a week with your measurements and send them

  3. Eh, it's too cold to worry about it much. The boys will enjoy their time off.

  4. Do I see a blizzard warning for NJ?

    Ironically I have a pair of Tropical Rider Breeches. They are thick fleece and with tall Mountain Horse winter boots I am usually plenty warm.

  5. Ugghh - I out last night, in the rain with my night vision goggles looking for a lost shoe...because I have a show this weekend! no go.. ha ha - only another horse person would understand the aggrivation!

    Enjoyed visiting your blog!