Thursday, February 04, 2010

Snow's on the Way

Or So They Say

We are under a storm watch, which means a big low pressure center is moving in from the West with lots of moisture and wind. It may pass south of us, or over top of us....whatever. I expect we will be getting some snow, but how much depends on the track of the storm.

I took advantage of the good footing today to lunge everyone. Of course, the whole exercise turned in to a free for all when Chance managed to get into the arena as I was working Toby. That encouraged Tucker to frolic his way in as well, so within a matter of seconds, I had three horses cavorting wildly around, with Toby on the line and Chance and Tucker loose.

To say anyone actually got an honest lungeing session is not exactly true. I did manage to settle Toby down for some trot work in between the wild gallop and bucking. Fortunately, he is so well traine on the lines that he never once put any more than light tension on the lunge line so I was just able to stand there while he frolicked.

I captured Tucker next and he was, to say the least, FORWARD. The trouble was that he kept running his trot into a canter. I had to reel him in several times, settle him back down and then send him out. We had some decent circles, but the canter was Tucker Bucker for sure. One thing about a Thoroughbred is that once they get wound up, exercise--such as lungeing--does nothing to settle them back down. They just do not get tired or relaxed once they have gotten into fun mode.

I defended my Thoroughbreds on Caroline's blog this morning, and what I said was quite true. Under normal circumstances, loosening them up at the canter is a good warmup and gives them much better, relaxed and forward walks and trots afterwards. But, I should have added that when the excitement builds or is built up already, more work does not necessarily settle them down.

Now Chance, on the other hand, is a horse of a different temperament. He goofed around a little, then settled into his "Chance speed," and that was that. What is rather amusing is the little, overly relaxed, slow canter he can manage, particularly on the left lead. His right lead is a little less balanced, so he doesn't quite get as slow, but it is still cute. He would make the perfect pleasure horse, I suppose--presuming the show classes are still the same as they were years ago. I'd just have to push for a little more energy and he'd be ideal.

At any rate, everyone got a little controlled exercise to add to their own exuberant play. I do find just watching them race around on their own, playing, bucking, and chasing each other, is more entertaining than most TV shows I've seen.

Some creative genius supposedly has invented the "puppy channel" with 24 hours of TV showing puppies playing. Perhaps the next genius with money to burn might develop the "Frolicking Horse Channel?"

An idea whose time has come?


  1. I can only imagine what a scene two horses interrupting a lungeing session must have made! Too funny, they're such characters.

    I'm hoping they'll be wrong about this winter storm and it will all just blow over. If not, I guess I'll be have a lot of time to catch up on my reading!

  2. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Glad everyone got a bit of exercise! Hope the snow isn't too bad and that the hatches are battened down!

  3. We should definitely rally for a "frolicking fillies" channel. There's something about horses just being horses that most people love to see. And I certainly wish I could get MY horse to chill out and just be herself!

  4. I think we should have a horse channel that shows horses playing all day. I'd rather watch my horses than TV any day, it's almost a soap opera out there.

    Glad they got some exercise on the lunge and off. Must have been just a tad interesting to have two of them cavorting around while one was on the lunge.

  5. I hope the storm decides to give you a miss.