Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Toby's Eye, Part 2

Multiple Vets

My regular vet came out to check Toby's eye, and, although it was a bit better, she was not satisfied with his progress.

So she suggested a specialist come out.  That was Monday. Amazingly the eye doctor was able to get here today, Tuesday.  She examined Toby's injury and took a scraping to see if there was any infection we needed to address with specific antibiotics. And, she gave me some eye drops to put in 4 X a day.

It is a corneal ulcer, and not a pretty one. That does not mean it will not heal well, but it's definitely a concern. He had a spot on that eye already, and this may be connected.

At any rate, he will require a lot of doctoring. He's getting Bute as well. The complications of all of this are that I have to put the Bute in a syringe with applesauce to be sure he will eat it. Then, every morning, I have to hide his Pergolide--for Cushings--in a piece of carrot---sh-h-h-h-h-h don't tell!!. And I have to make a little mash to assure that he eats his Bug Check.  Talk about high maintenance.

Glad he's in the back yard.

Meantime, this morning, when I went out to feed, I found Chance in the center aisle of the barn. I'd managed to leave Tucker's gate unlocked and a certain horse took advantage.  The barn was trashed!

I fed and started clean up.  I was hotter than I expected, even with the fan blowing on me. I was dripping with sweat as I swept and moved things back into place.

Tucker's fan was all bent and useless and blankets and sheets were strewn about. The wheel barrow with some manure in it was tipped over and the wheelbarrow with no wheel was dragged into the center of the aisle.

I was just about to finish up when I suddenly felt dizzy and sick. My stomach had been bothering me before I went out, so it's possible I had some kind of intestinal bug or something, but the dizziness was scary.

I just left the rest of the work and headed back into the house. I did throw up a little, so it's possible I was suffering from heat exhaustion.

Or not.

Anyway, I took a cool shower, and then had a drink of some fruit juice in water to rehydrate.

My stomach has been queasy all day even after some rest, but I am feeling a little better now. I have some stuff my metabolic doctor prescribed to me years ago that I keep refreshed.  It's called Oxegenic D+ and it tastes terrible. But when I was sick a few years ago with a long term fever--some kind of virus--my doctor told me to take it and I felt really, really better. So now, whenever I am feeling weak or sick, it's one of the remedies I try. I took two doses so far and feel quite a bit better.

I'm not sure what I want to or can eat, but I will find something. So far a banana, blueberry, strawberry, pear juice smoothie has been all that's on the menu.

Not eating. Potential diet technique.

Not the best.


  1. See, there is always an upside to not feeling well - losing weight! Take advantage and don't eat unless you really feel hungry. Meanwhile, be sure to stay hydrated!!! I had a touch of heat stroke two weeks ago after riding in the hot sun and now I am more careful to stay hydrated and one of my bottles is now filled with sports drink. Fruit smoothie sounds good.

    What exactly is a corneal ulcer? Yes, high maintenance for sure, but it's a labor of love, isn't it. Naughty Chance! Although I am sure that he would help clean up if he could (right?).

    I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Corneal ulcer is an injury to the cornea--the colored part of the eye. It's often caused by trauma of some sort. So there's kind of a little hole there. Can be treated with antibiotics or steroids, depending on the need. Vet took scrapings to see whether there are bacteria there or a fungus to see what meds will be most effective. The one med that is often used is tetracyline, but the vets don't seem to routinely have it. So my vet is having some compounded.

  2. That barn clean up project sounds like a real bear, particularly in the heat and humidity. Hope you feel better soon - I had that same nausea thing about 10 days ago and then it oddly turned into a bad cold. Hope yours resolves quickly.

    Those serious corneal ulcers can be hard to heal - Red's took months but finally healed without a spot or problem.

  3. What a mess to clean up and in the heat too. I managed to get myself dehydrated a few weeks ago ad was dizzy and nauseous too. Just had to rehydrate. Take it easy today and feel better.

    Hope his eye heals quickly. Good luck.

  4. Exactly how I felt Grey Horse!