Sunday, July 07, 2013

Looking Good

And the Heat is On

Heat advisory for today and yesterday.  We are talking well into the 90's F. With it much hotter in the sun. While that is nothing compared to what parts of the USA are experiencing, here in New Jersey we have to add the humidity to the heat, making it miserable in its own special way.

The Boys are spending a lot of time in the barn with the fans blowing some air on them.

Toby continues to be a model patient for his eye treatments. Although he does try to keep his eye closed when I am putting in the meds, he does not pull away and stands graciously for it all. In fact, one night I treated him in his stall with just a lead rope draped over my shoulder attached to his halter. What an angel.

Riding? No. It doesn't even cool off at night so the mornings are just as oppressive as the day itself.

A nice shaded indoor would be a blessing, although I'm not sure it would inspire me much more.

My friend, Christina, wants me to ride Chance over to her barn so we can go out with her young horse one day next week.  It looks as if the heat may moderate a bit, so perhaps we can set something up.

My vet will be out on Monday--emergencies notwithstanding--to recheck Toby's eye.  She was on duty over this holiday weekend--Independence Day--and had one emergency after another.  I don't know if this only happens when she is on duty or whether it's the common thing with the practice. So, while I do expect here to get here on Monday, I will not be surprised if something interferes. It's OK. Toby's eye looks so much better.  The only thing is that I will probably need more antibiotic ointment by then.

I did get my swims in. I am up to 50 minutes of laps. I figure if I can discipline myself to an hour, that will be fine. The water was warm, though, which makes it not always the most cool experience. I have been going in the morning when they open to avoid the holiday crowds.

The problem with that is by the time I am finished with my laps, the sun is full force. I did ride the Lazy River for a few turns yesterday, but I think I got a little too much sun.  I'm not too sunburned, but I hate to over do.

Guess I will just swim today and leave the River for an evening visit when it's less busy during the week.


  1. The boys sound lie they have a good plan standing in front of their fans. Ours are crowded between the two sheds with ceiling fans.

    Glad to hear his eye is getting better. He's such a good boy.

    Hope this weather breaks and you get in a ride with your friend. In the meantime it's nice that you have access to the pool. Stay cool!

  2. Hope things cool off for you soon. Sounds like Toby's the perfect patient - treating eyes can be very difficult if the horse doesn't want to make things easy.

  3. i think holiday weekends are made for emergencies for vets, TBH.....Toby can give M some lessons on getting eyes treated, he hates it.... infections last two years (which is why his fly mask is on all the time this year!)