Thursday, July 04, 2013


Toby's Eye

When I went out last night to feed, Toby's left eye was closed and watering. When I looked at it there was definite sign of an injury. He already had, from some time ago, a white spot in his eye, but now it was enlarged and there was the sign of a scratch or rough patch on his lens.

I had some eye wash in the house, but no medication, so I flushed his eye and then called the vet.

Why not? After hours, right before a holiday? Sure.

About an hour and a half later--after she restocked her truck, Dr. Parisio arrived.

She examined his eye and decided it needed some aggressive treatment. The used a nerve block so she could examine it without his blinking, tranquilized him so he would not get fractious, flushed it, stained it, and eventually medicated it.

Now he is on oral Banamine for two days. Then he will go on Bute. I will be putting his own blood serum in his eye until Sunday. Then there is Atropine to dilate his pupil, and some antibiotic. The serum and antibiotic are 4 X a day. The Bute 2X and the Atropine will be done tomorrow.

Then, Toby is wearing a fly mask with a duct tape patch over the eye to protect it from dirt, flies, and the light.

It's a bit amusing to note that when Toby went out with the other two Boys in his fly mask, they did not recognize him. There was some "new horse" squealing going on for a minute or two before they settled back down.

Talk about silly.

Anyhow. Toby's eye looks a lot better today and he is a model patient for his medications. Thank goodness. With all the doctoring I have to do, I'd hate to have to wrestle him every time.

Too hot to ride, although today was almost nice.


  1. Red had a corneal ulcer last year that took forever to heal - I'm with you on the medication routine, although Red was very cooperative about it.

  2. That sounds miserable. Poor guy. Hope it heals quickly. It's good that he's a cooperating patient with all the medications you have to deal with.

  3. and you'll never know how he did it. glad he's a good patient for such things... a nightmare when they're not!

  4. Wow, so many times a day for medications in his eye! I hope it's not too uncomfortable for him. Maybe he is so good for medicating because he knows it's for his benefit. I had to giggle about the new horse squealing. Chance and Tucker, hmm, they might have thought - how weird, a new horse that smells and looks just like Toby, except for the head. I bet they were puzzled for a while, until Toby put them straight.