Friday, July 19, 2013

Hot, Hotter, Hottest

And The Heat Goes On

Most everyone knows the US East Coast has been suffering from a heat wave since the beginning of the week. It's supposed to break later on tomorrow.

Today, there were a few clouds obscuring the sun off and on. Every time they did, the temperature eased significantly. And, there was an on and off breeze making the heat a little more tolerable. Yesterday was total misery. Today? Moments of relief. Temperatures are in the upper 90's with times where it has felt well over 100F. And, of course, there is the famous NJ humidity to make it even more uncomfortable.

The Boys are faring pretty well, considering. They mover from the shaded barn with fans to outside in sun or shade, depending on what feels better. They have plenty of water as I keep the trough filled.

I also just bought a new salt block, but so far I haven't noticed anyone licking it. It has been an "object of curiosity" so perhaps someone will test it with his tongue.

I hosed Toby off yesterday after filling his eye with three different medications. As noted, all the lab tests came back negative for fungi or bacteria, so all the meds are primarily precautionary. He is an exceedingly good patient and very easy to handle with all the treatments. Aside from closing his eye when the meds draw near, he is perfect to medicate. I'm still giving him a gram of Bute every day as well and with the orange flavored powder mixed into some apple sauce he takes that quite nicely too.

I've been giving all three Boys a wet morning feed and I've added a wet evening feed as well just to make sure they are getting some water into them. The water trough goes down every day, but I don't know who's drinking what, so the wet feed is another precaution. The woman in my vet's office said the vets have been treating a number of colics due to dehydration over the last hot week. Soaked meals may help me avoid that problem here.

My friend Chris, whose young horse was running a fever a day or so ago, had the vet out to look at her horse's hock. Sure enough, it was cellulitis. That explains the fever. He may have had an old cut or scrape...or something new...that blew up into a really big swelling. Apparently, cellulitis is another problem that's been plaguing area horses as well. When my vet was here she mentioned that as a cause for several emergency calls over the weekend.

I'm not sure if eye problems are cropping up as well. I will have to ask.

It is continuing to be a bad year for animal health all around. I'm beginning to wonder if the "13" at the end of the year has cursed us all.


  1. Cellulitis can be very troublesome - glad he caught it and can treat it. I expect the heat and humidity make it more likely.

    Hope the cold front comes through soon . . .

  2. It is miserable and I'm hoping the storm that's forecasted cools things down by Sunday. Enough of this heat for us and the animals.

    Your boy really is a good patient. Glad all his tests are negative too. Wet feed is a good idea. I hadn't thought of that but I think mine are all drinking enough when they come in at night.

    Don't know if the 13 at the end of the year has anything to do with the state of things lately but being superstitious but I wouldn't be surprised!

  3. Is cellulitis bacterial?

    Glad Toby does not have an infection in his eye. Still, I guess it will take time for it to heal.

    Hoping for cooler weather for the east coast soon! I know there are no guarantees but shade, wet mashes, filled, clean water troughs and salt are what you can do to avoid dehydration in horses.