Monday, July 15, 2013

Another Vet Check

Toby's Eye is Slowly Improving

I'm still waiting for some test results on the cultures the eye vet took from Toby's eye to see if we need to change medications. But in the meantime, I am medicating him 3-4 times every day with two medications. I found Terrymycin on EBay, as noted, and it's a good thing because I will probably need the extra tubes.

The regular vet, Dr. Parisio, was here today to check on him. She said it is healing slowly. It it quite possible his Cushings disease has impacted his immune system which is why the healing process is slower than it could be. But there are definite signs of improvement.

He no longer needs a patch over that eye which is really good as I'm sure being one eyed was frustrating to him. But he is still wearing his fly mask and a halter to help keep it on.  Normally my Boys are on halterless turnout.  The halter Toby is wearing is leather, so in case of emergency, it will break.

Meantime, we are suffering another horrendous heat wave. Temperatures are in the upper 90's F and will be until Sunday. The thermometer on my garage that sits in full sunlight registers well over 100F during the day. It only goes up to 120F and I fear I'm going to see it soar up that way by the end of the week.

The Boys are spending most of their time in the barn with the fans blowing on them. There's not much else I can do except perhaps hose them to cool them off. The only trouble with that is with the high humidity, the water will not help too much.

Needless to say, I am not even trying to ride. No sense in torturing everyone, including me. It's just too darn hot.

Meantime, I can at least keep up my swimming even if the pool water is starting to heat up as well. I swam for nearly an hour today. Part of that was going down the water slide. But the sidewalks around the waterpark were super hot under my feet, so I cut that short to do a few more laps. I did not ride the Lazy River because there was a line waiting for the tubes and I didn't want to stand on the hot pavement waiting.

I headed for Target on the way home to buy a pair of water shoes so I could walk around the park and go from one water area to another without burning my feet off. I'm such a wimp!

Ironically, Target had only one pair left and they were in my size!! Talk about luck. I had another store as an option but didn't need it. Now I'm set for the next hot day at the pool--tomorrow.

A blessing indeed that I have air conditioning in the house.

I also had to buy a new refrigerator because my old one--long overdue for replacement--seemed to have sprung a leak. I say "seemed" because I am not at all sure where the water was coming from, but I suspect it was something giving up the ghost.

I got a really good deal on a floor model at the local appliance store on Sunday, and they delivered the refrigerator this morning.  It will take a while to get used to it as it has the freezer on the bottom and I've had a top freezer all my life. If it lasts half as long as the old one did, I will be delighted.  It's a big bigger than the old one, but I did have to be careful of the size as my cabinets above and the door to the side limit space.

It really looks nice and I think I'm going to like not having to bend down to see what's in the veggie bins at the bottom.  The freezer pulls out like a drawer so that's pretty convenient too.

Now I have a nice place to store the Boys's carrots.


  1. We're about to get some bad heat, too. Almost makes me wish for winter . . .

    When Red had his corneal ulcer, it took forever to heal - months - sometimes they just take a long time. Glad he's a cooperative patient.

  2. Ah, that's how you will use the extra space in the summer, for carrots!

    I checked the temps in Maine and at only 10 am it was 85 already. It's something for Maine to get that hot.

    Glad Toby is healing - I wonder if Cushings does make healing take longer. I don't know much about it.

  3. Glad to hear there's improvement with his eye. He's a good boy.

    This heat is just awful. I feel bad for all the horses and other animals stuck outside in it. There is really nothing to do for them except maybe a hose off and their fans. I hope it breaks soon. They say not until the weekend. This is ridiculous.

    Your new fridge sounds nice. My son and daughter have the bottom freezers and I like theirs better than my side by side. Seems there's a lot more room for groceries in the top half and you don't have to figure out a way to wedge bigger boxes on the freezer side like I do. Good luck with it.