Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda....

But I Didn't Ride

Thought I might ride after church and lunch, but my right knee was really hurting today. Not sure why. I know the swimming helped which means riding probably will too, but not today.  Hopefully the rest of the week will bring some more nice weather and I will be inspired. And I'll get another swim in, in the meantime.

Though I did not find a new "blue mouser" as noted yesterday. The mice I did find eventually struck a high note with Patrick and he is back in fetch mode. However, out of the packet of four new various colored plush mice, three are now lost somewhere. I am sure they will turn up sooner or later, but for now, when the basic game of fetch is over, I need to take away the mouser of choice and put it in a safe place for later. I did buy two packs of them, so I have extras, but still....Guess I should have bought a dozen more. *G*

I warmed up again today but with a fairly stiff breeze for most of the day. The Boys are sheetless again, and may not need rainwear until later in the week.  The sheets I washed are hanging to dry in the basement.  I did my best to clean the horse hair out of the washing machine tub, but I suspect my next load will be a bit prickly. However, if I put the clothes in the dryer afterwards, that should get rid of most of the hair. I'll just have to be careful that I don't wash too much delicate stuff right away.

Meanwhile Spring is making its mark. Progress on all fronts with the blossoms, except for the tulips which are still being quite shy.
 Little grape hyacinths.
 The maple tree starting to leave. Well, it stays, but it gets leaves.
 The magnolia almost in full bloom
 Forsythia brightening the scene.
The lilacs getting leaves as well and hinting of blooms to come
And the best blossom of all, Chance enjoying the sunshine.
Cute pony. *G*


  1. Hope your knee feels better soon. Patrick sounds like he's enjoying his new toys. You have more buds and blooms than we do, love your magnolia, it's beautiful. And a very cute pony indeed!

  2. Chance enjoying the sun, until the bugs hatch out. I love the pics of all the spring flowers, blossoms. While we have lilacs and grape hyacinths we just don't have the lush growth the east coast has. As a matter of fact we are getting hammered with lots of wet snow right now. Then it will probably get hot and dry.

    I hope that knee feels better soon! It's not supposed to hurt like that anymore.