Saturday, April 13, 2013

Shoeing in the Near Sunshine

Well, At Least It Wasn't Raining

Scott came this morning to shoe and trim the Boys.

It was supposed to be nearly 60F, but the sun refused to make an appearance all morning and I had to go back into the house to get my jacket.

All three Boys were quite good. With Tucker getting a compliment from Scott, that was a rare moment. Tucker wears shoes in the front only and the other two are barefoot, so he requires the most patience. Today, he was a star. He just gets restless and tends to move himself sideways on the crossties. Not so today. Good boy.

A word here. I do not have to hold my horses for the farrier. They all stand on the crossties in the aisle and are expected to behave without my involvement. That way, I do not have to be home should Scott schedule a shoeing when I can't be there.

Sorry to say, I too have to deal with some thrush issues. It's been so wet and muddy here for the last several months that Tucker, especially will need some treatment. No huge deal, but I have the meds and will just need to tend to him and take some similar precautions with the others as well.

Yesterday, Dr. McAndrews recommended that we shoe Toby in front for the summer. He has foundered twice in the mid-summer months when the ground has been hard. He has a great foot, but it's a little flat, so adding some protection from a shoe may help. Stomping at flies may be an added culprit.

We know, of course, that he has Cushings, and laminitis is one of the unfortunate symptoms. He is on Prascend, the drug of choice and I had him tested yesterday to see if the dose he's on is enough. Hopefully we can avoid a flareup this year by being extra careful.

I went on a "blue mouser" hunt after Scott left. Patrick Patticats has a blue mouse toy he plays fetch with and we have lost it somewhere in the house. I've hunted all around with no luck so I figured maybe I could find a new one at PetSmart. I found some packages of similar toy mice on sale, so I bought them.

Alas, so far, although he does chase them when I throw them, so far, Patrick has not exactly fetched one back to me. We'll keep working on it, though. I am ever hopeful. It guess they just aren't quite up to "blue mouser" standards.

Animals can be as opinionated as people.


  1. Glad all is well - we're freezing and drowning as well and the mud is unbelievable - maybe spring will come someday. . .

  2. Glad everyone was a star for their shoeing. All mine are trained to stand on cross ties too. Our farrier has been known to show up as early as six a.m. So it's a good thing they do.

    I bet as soon as you stop looking for it the ble mouser will show up.

    1. Patrick started fetching the new mice. So the game is back on!!

  3. i think cross ties are an american thing, because you all mostly seem to have barns....ours stand tied up to a tie up ring outside (although yesterday i drove past a pony being held & shod on the road..... that is unusual, guess it lives out)