Saturday, April 06, 2013

Has Spring Finally Sprung?

Warming Up

Forecast for the next week is really promising with warm temperatures day and night.

That means the Boys can have their sheets off and I don't have to put them back on at night.

I do have some subbing jobs during the week, so time riding is limited, but I will get some swimming in to start myself back on a fitness routine. I am sadly out of shape.

So are the Boys, but not so. With 24/7 turnout, they do walk around a lot and there is plenty of horseplay going on. It's not quite the same as exercise under saddle, but it does keep them fitter than I am.

I am constantly watchful for the crocus that seem to pop up in various parts of the lawn--perhaps planted by squirrels? And am looking forward to the various flowering trees.

Here's the progress so far:

 Crocuses by the well.
 Snowflowers by the front paddock.
 The peonies are starting to grow.
 The lilacs are considering some leaves.
 A droopy daffodil blooms by the back porch.
The magnolia promises to open soon.
And the tulips are "thinking about it."

I don't have any really organized flower beds. Everything is sparse and helter skelter at the moment. My Dad was a super gardener, but I did not inherit his skill. I may do some planting just to see what I can manage, but for now, I do enjoy the scavenger hunt for color amidst the landscape.

Sunny days are on the way!


  1. So far I've only seen one lone crocus but there are buds on the trees. I know spring is here but I wish it would hurry up just a bit more.

    I'm more out of shape than the horses too. Found that out after riding Dusty for a very short time yesterday. Found those muscles I didn't know I had again. A little ouchy today :)

  2. Spring has been very late here - a big contrast to last year when it was way too early. The weather this week looks like it's shifting into spring thunderstorm mode - it means spring is here, but it'll bring mud . . .

  3. I sort of like disorder and spontaneity among spring flowers. You will enjoy getting in shape I predict.

  4. I'm very jealous of your peonies and lilacs. I adore both. I left both behind when we moved last and have never replaced them.

  5. our snowdrops are still out and the daffodils are in a sulk, but the crocuses in a tub next to the house are going over.... the rest is yet to come...

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