Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cats and Rats and I Ride

This Time Tucker

I went to Home Depot to get the metal trash cans. Had to have one of the nice guys there help me pick out two. Not only were a lot of them dented, but they were stacked inside each other and stuck together. I used to be very independent about handing such issues, but I've learned to accept the help of store personnel of late. Age, wisdom, and common sense now prevail.

I thought to do the feed bin when I got home, but a good lunch and a short nap took me instead.

Now a word about cats and rats. I had only had one cat here bold and wise enough to tackle the Norway rats in the barn. They are tough critters and will definitely fight back. This cat was smart enough to kill the rat on first pounce instead of engaging in combat. She was a tough girl and the rats were nearly as big as she was. I'm not sure what gene has to kick in in a cat to inspire ratting. I suspect my Caliope might have had it as she was darn feisty and would not tolerate much nonsense from the other cats. Misty MAY be a candidate, but I'm not too sure as she really does have a laid back attitude. Ratters are special cats, I fear, and not all cats seem to have the attitude.

So, the metal cans will keep the rodents at bay and as long as they don't bother me, I'll coexist with them. My neighbor did offer me a Jack Russell terrier, but a dog requires a lot more care and attention than cats. I like dogs, but don't want the added responsibility.

Which somehow brings me to Tucker who is neither rat nor dog. In fact, aside from tending to work on his forehand he was quite a good boy.  We did basic walk, trot, canter, shoulder-in, leg yield, and some half pass. I did several trot canter departs, doing a few more on the right rein as he gets a little cranky about that lead. Otherwise, all went well.

Since I am not really planning to compete him, mostly because the upper level work is too hard on his hocks, we are just kind of playing at dressage. I am going to try hacking him out on the trails if I can be sure we aren't going to run into any ATV's. I'd like to be fancy free with him as I am with Chance, but he is too much of a spitfire to do that. A bolder, younger rider than I would probably have a ton of fun on him out in the wilds, but I am no longer a bolder, younger rider.

We'll just have to invent some fun stuff to do closer to home.


  1. I've never had a cat who would take down a rat or a mouse for that matter. At one barn we boarded at there was a huge rat problem and every morning Mellon's stall would be littered with one or two dead rats. He used to stomp them. Guess they disturbed his sleep. So is there such a thing as a rat horse?

    Sounds like a busy day but productive day. I feel like you in the bolder, younger category. I'm not as willing to take chances as I once was. Have fun finding amusing stuff to do with Chance.

    1. Mice are no issue around here. I think all my cats take them down. But the funniest time was when one of the now housecats who'd lived outside for a while as a stray, ATE a mouse in front of the other hothouse flower housecats. The shocked expressions on their faces was hysterical.

  2. Dogs may be a little more trouble, but a good terrier will get rid of the rats. JRs are incredible little hunters.