Sunday, April 21, 2013

All Ready

Now I Just Need to Saddle Up

I lunged the Boys again, and this time sent them over a little jump just to make it more fun.

Tucker, in true TB style started off quietly with a lovely jump, but by the end of the session, was in "gallop madly, think of bucking, and leap wildly over the rail."  It was relatively easy to settle him back down to end the exercise on a quieter note, but it just goes to accent the fact that lungeing does little to take the spunk out of him.

Chance, on the other hand, simply jumped each time with a calm nonchalance.  The big trick with him is to keep him cantering after the fence. He tends to land and trot off. But, I have to say, he was much better this time. He looks to have a nice jump in him so maybe one day I will challenge him with a little more height just to see how he takes to it. Right now, the obstacle is only about a foot. Jumping is good exercise for dressage horses, even if it is just on the lunge line.

We had a bit of rain on Friday, so I dragged the arena yesterday. I have to be better about it this year than I was last year to keep the weeds and grass from growing in my footing.

Then, I started cleaning out under the east run in roof where Toby's and Tucker's stalls open out.  They have, once again, over the winter dragged lots of hay out there. It is lying in wet, soggy layers. The tractor bale will scrape up the layers down to the ground, but without a proper set of "fork teeth" on the front, it does not do a good job of picking up the stuff. So, I need to use my hay/manure fork to fill the bucket.  It's a rather hard job so I decided to be smart this time and do it in stages. I used the tractor yesterday and the wheelbarrow today and have only cleaned the area immediately in front of Tucker's stall--about 10 feet or so.  At this rate, I'll be done by the end of the week. Then  I just have to discipline myself to keep after it before it gets this bad. (Note: the wet, muddy and sometimes frozen winter made it hard to keep up with it, so it's pretty bad right now.)

My plan is to ride someone tomorrow.

Meantime, the flowers are truly in bloom now. Looking out my living room side window, the scenery is filled with the pink blossoms of my Aunt's magnolia. My front window view is filled with the pink of my magnolia. And my, do they smell good!

The tulips in front of the house have finally opened up.

 The magnolias fill the air with sweet scent.
 Close up, the blossoms are already starting to lose their petals. Wish they would stay longer.
 Snoopervisor Patrick found my trip outside very interesting.
But he was still ready to pose for a picture through the front door window looking as cute as possible. He is quite a charmer. 


  1. I can almost smell the magnolia blossoms from here. You must spend as much time as possible within the circle of fragrance. So which direction does the front of your house face? Because we were there in the middle of the day I don't know which way is east or west.

  2. Sounds like you got a lot of work done with the boys and the clean up. We've started it here too. I like when winter ends but it does bring extra work just about everywhere on the farm.

    I think Patrick may be a little camera ham. He is really adorable.

  3. Gorgeous blooms! (My Spring blossoms were quickly fried by the sun).