Sunday, November 04, 2012

Under Control

Generator Limited But Working

After a very long saga which I shall not relate now, the generator is working. I have heat in the house and probably water, but not both at the same time. The wiring is not yet set up to use my generator to full capacity.

Horse water? For now, just fine. The local fire department filled all my tubs and emergency supplies. I'm pretty sure I can run a hose from the hose too, if need be. I still haven't heard the house pump go on yet, but if nothing else big is running, it should work. If not, I have plenty of water for me and the fire truck for the horses.

Last estimate for power restoration is Friday, November 9. I think they cleared the tree off the road and the wires today. It was probably an out of state company. New Jersey is blessed with utility workers from all over the US. Love'em all!!

I lucked out at the gas stations and the truck tank is full, the car tank is full and I have gas cans full for the generator. Many stations were pumped dry and are waiting for shipments, but I managed to fill up without sitting in line. (Some people have waited for hours.)

My propane delivery guy came too, so I have gas for the gas fireplace which kept me warm for at least two days. I won't run my generator all night, so I may put the fireplace on again if the house gets chilly.

I managed a warm shower too, but I've turned off the water heater as it will be used "as needed" in rotation with other high electric demand stuff. I pulled the plug on the refrigerator. No sense in running it. All my food is spoiled and it's cold enough on the back porch to keep milk and other perishables. I don't need many things refrigerated anyhow, so until the power comes back on, I don't need it. This will be a total emptying and cleaning, so better that it's not cold inside so I can do a good job. I really need a new fridge, but with all the money I spent on the generator, I'm not sure I can afford one now, but it would be the perfect time.

Made an order with Omaha Steaks for replacement meat and they will wait to ship it until the power is back on.

So after much frustration, I am ten times better off than I was five days ago. It's not back to normal yet, but at last it looks as if we will get there.

The shore areas and some other places where there was flooding are not so lucky. My cousins may not be able to move back to their shore house for as many as six months. They are staying at my aunt's house next door. Can't really help them out with some kind of heat as I'd hoped. The circuitry is just too complicated.

Finally able to charge my netbook and wfi hot spot which is why I can post. Off to check the news and weather.

I am finally wearing a little smile again.


  1. I'm glad to hear that things are looking better for you now than they were a few days ago. Friday is a long time to wait for power maybe they will get it done sooner. We're still without power but at least the generator is working at full power. Good luck and hang in there.

  2. glad the generator is doing something at last, and fancy the fire dept supplying water for the horses, i'm impressed!

    i always like defrosting freezer in winter (been known to put stuff in a snow drift, back in the day when i didn't have a frost free...)

  3. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Glad things are looking up for all of you. Hope the power is back on soon.

  4. Very glad to hear from you! What a lot of time life is taking these days, the simplest things take planning and patience. Thankfully you do not live on the shore. I am amazed at how easily you got gas for your vehicles and cans. It must have been sort of fun when the firetruck came :-) Hugs!

  5. wow. you are such a trooper. those horses are lucky to have you looking out for them.

  6. Hooray for the fire department! And glad you are stocked up on gas and water and warmth. and internet!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond