Tuesday, November 06, 2012

And Tucker's Lost a Shoe

Well It's Been Just About Six Weeks

The Boys are due for trims/shoeing, so I can't complain too much about a missing shoe. 

However, I still do not have power. It may come on tonight or tomorrow--just in time for the next storm to hit and knock it out again. *SIGH*  

I will soon lose my mind. I went shopping and did buy some perishables. The refrigerator is totally empty and clean and I am hoping it will get cold with the generator, but the heat keeps coming on and it's either one or the other. I'm not too keen about shutting off the furnace, so heat has priority. The fridge keeps coming on, but if it's working it's not doing much yet. 

Then again, if it snows, I can just put the cold food outside. Right now it's on the porch and it's plenty cold out there. 

I called Scott, my shoer, but he needs electricity for his tools to do a proper shoeing job on Tucker. I spent about a half hour looking for the lost shoe with no luck. If power does not come on tomorrow, I will spend some more time searching. If we have power, my priority is to spend at least some time filling water containers and tubs so that if the new storm kicks out power off again, I will have emergency water again. 

This is really getting old. I am tired and as close to being depressed as I ever have been--and it takes a lot to get me depressed. 

I did go pick up 16 more bales of hay, so the stock is good for the time being. I also filled the gas cans I've emptied with the generator. 

Once again, I am about as set as I can be. 

All I can do now is watch to see if the street lamp comes on in front of the house..


Oh, wait....story goes that despite the fact that our road is very clearly marked "CLOSED" a tractor trailer headed down, got the intersection where all the damage was being repaired and took out a bunch of overhead wires.

This story came to me from a neighbor down the road who said a policeman told him.

If so, it might explain why it's taking so long to fix things.

Hope that driver got a serious ticket!  Serious!!


  1. Heck Jean - that just stinks. If it's any consolation, it does sound as if you're soldiering on quite capably.

    Fingers crossed that the streetlight reappears tonight!

  2. Seems we've both had problems with trucks taking out wires! Don't these guys know how to drive?

    Seems like you've got it under control but it is depressing. We still have no power or phones either. All our neighbors do though. I think we're the only house in town without now because we have underground and they forgot to hook it up. Hope your streetlight comes on very soon and Tucker gets his shoe.

  3. What a pain! Is there a reason wires can't go underground where you are? Fingers crossed that this new storm fizzles to nothing.

  4. No kidding - stupid driver!!!!

    What a job - to have to fill all the water jugs again and that can only happen if you get power. Utter craziness. But don't lose your mind - its' a fine thing and would be hard to find. You will be fine. This will pass and before the next storm (not including the upcoming one) you will have gotten the generator to power your house.

    At least the cold weather will keep your food cold.


  5. Thinking of you!! Sending hugs and good spirits.