Saturday, November 10, 2012


All Is Well Except For....

The CAT-astrophe.  I currently have five stray cats living in my basement. Someone must have dropped off the family pets some time after the hurricane. My cousin next door called me to ask if I had any outdoor cats.

Well, I do. Misty and Peppercorn.

But I definitely do not have a calico mommy cat, three kittens and one juvenile gray and white beauty. That's what we eventually found last night cavorting in my Aunt's driveway.  I'd put food out for what I thought was just the Mommy and one adorable orange and white kitten--5-6 weeks old. So the gang was not starving any more when we finally saw the whole pride.

I figured the Mommy and juvenile would be OK outside with food, but I was really worried about the little ones. So I decided to shelter them in my basement, along with Mommy. Eventually I got the juvenile as well and now all are safe and sound for the time being.

Not that I need five cats!! If I can find homes for the kittens, that would be perfect, although that orange and white one is just TOOOOO cute. If Misty and Peppercorn would be accepting, I could keep Mommy as a barn kitty or a cellar/outdoor kitty. The teenager is just gorgeous, and deserves a home somewhere but some people don't want cats as opposed to kittens.

Scott, my farrier, was here today and he may know someone who wants kittens. He'd love to have one himself but apparently his wife is not "in the market for a cat."  We'll see, though. Maybe he can work something out.

Not the best pictures, but everyone was napping. The gray juvenile kitty is in the bottoms pic. Mommy is the calico on the white sheet. You can just see fur color of the orange baby and the black and white one. The third kitten is a calico like Mom.

I'll figure something out, but for now they are safe from hunters, foxes, raccoons, and all the traffic on our road.


  1. You have to stop putting that sign out by the road, "Got Cats?"

  2. You really have a big heart. They are all adorable. I hope you have luck finding homes for the ones you can part with.

  3. Very cute!

    It's amazing how rural areas are magnets for cats! Or maybe I just have "Sucker" tattooed on my forehead... We get tons of cats here. I trap as many as I can and take them to get fixed, but there are always more.

    Hopefully you'll be able to place them in good homes. They seem to be friendly, so that's a big plus!

  4. good kitties! too bad you aren't close. my neighbor just sent out a desperate email plea for a wildcat in his barn, which is overrun by packrats. the cat could feast for years to come!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond