Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Just In Time for The New Storm

Well, I have a day to prepare for the nor'easter. In the morning I will go out and fill all my water tubs for the horses.

I have already run a load of wash and a load of dishes.

My desktop computer is fried or something. Not sure what's going on. If the weather does not get too bad, I will take it to Staples tomorrow. They need to save my data. I have not backed it up recently. Bummer.

I did buy some food for the fridge which is now happily running cold. I swear it's smiling.

My neighbor is coming over tomorrow to check out my new snowblower to make sure it works. I also need to put air in the tractor tire and check to make sure the tractor starts OK as I've not used it in several weeks.

After I go to Staples, I'll head over to Lowes to see if they have any heavy duty extension cords as I think the refrigerator might run better directly off the generator.

By the way, I highly recommend an LED headlamp for emergencies. I have two--one is an Energizer. It works a treat, can be angled to many levels and gives a lot of light. I used it to read and navigate both inside and outside the house.

I guess my immediate life is now dedicated to disaster preparedness. At this rate, I could teach a class.

I am quite pleased with how well I managed. Hopefully, the new generator hook up--whenever it comes--will run my water pump, and then I will feel much better. But at least I found a way to cope with limited supplies.

I have two five gallon jugs I keep filled on the back (enclosed) porch and there is another big jug for extra. That's there all the time for emergencies.

And, blessings upon my propane gas ventless fireplace, one of the best investments I've ever made. Worth it if you can get something similar.

On a sad note, my cousin's house at Long Beach Island was flooded with over 5 feet of water. He is actually hoping the house will be condemned so he can build anew. My other friend has three houses down there--two he uses for rental income. He has not been allowed on the island to see how they fared, but it sounds bad.

But the good news is that FEMA is really on top of things. My cousin already had money put in his bank account to pay for his expenses--they stayed in a hotel for a week or so. He's lucky to have a room in my Aunt's house next door until things are settled again at the shore. My other friend does not live on the
Island full time, so he's OK that way. I just wish there were something could do to make things better for them all.

Enough for now. I need to enjoy my power trip!!


  1. Anonymous6:32 AM

    Glad things are looking up, and hope the power stays on through the next storm!

  2. Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!! I really, really hope that this coming storm does not cause you to lose power. I think of you lugging around those jugs of water. Water is heavy, at a density of 1g/mL, that's 20 kg per 5 gallons, which is 44lbs! You writing on your tablet?

    FEMA has really improved the last 5 or so years but there is not a lot that can prevent flooding right on the shore. It's just going to keep happening with rising sea level and stronger storms.

    The good news of the election will buoy your spirits though the next few days as you endure cold and snow.

  3. So happy that you got your electric back. Let's hope the storm isn't too bad and it stays on. We're still without power or phones. The phone co. said we should have service back by Saturday at 8 p.m. I said well, that's pretty specific. Sorry to hear about your relatives and friends troubles. Seems like you've got lots to do today to prepare once again but it should be a snap now that you have so much practice!

    p.s. yeah, we won ;)

  4. Glad to hear the power is back up and running! That's a relief.

    Good luck with this storm! The snow is really coming down here... big, fat, wet flakes.

  5. And here we were complaining that the temp dropped today and it's no longer shorts and sandals weather:)
    Did you find a way to follow election coverage last night? It started out scary but ended well. Moving forward with hope and optimism on all fronts. Maybe your blog should be called "Ride it Out!"

  6. You are a trooper! Hope the next storm doesn't cause more problems.

  7. I am anxiously awaiting your next post. Do you have power? I read that Conn got a foot of snow, so it seems you would have too. Take heart though, it will melt soon at this time of year.

  8. Hooray! but bummer about your cousin's house.
    I did a lot of camping/hiking years ago and that's when I started using headlamps. have never been without one in arm's reach ever since!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond