Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Season Changes

Is It For Real?

Suddenly, with a wave of thunderstorms, a cool front rushed in.

The last three days have been beautiful!  Now all I need to do is rekindle my energy for riding and saddle up the Boys for some exercise.

I made the first move Sunday by picking the riding arena, but I still need to mow in there and drag before I get serious about it.  And, before I do that, I need to go the the gas station to get some fuel for the mower and the Kubota tractor.  Before I do that, I need to clean up the gas containers.

Notice how one goal seems to depend on another in a stream of complications?

Ah, well, as they say, "I'll get around to it."

However, I have been swimming twice now since the pool closed. I headed off to the college campus once last week and once so far this week to hit the pool.  Swimming indoors is not quite as nice as swimming outside--feel the same way about riding--but it is a wonderful option for me. I'm not sure how I will feel about it as the colder weather creeps in as it's a fair walk from the parking lot to the gymnasium, but I have vowed to swim at least twice a week.

I already have a substitute teaching job for next week, so I will be there one day and I have one more day to drive over this week.  It's about 15 miles to the college from here and not the nicest drive in the world as I have to spend at least some time on US Highway #1.  It's a busy road and when there is some kind of traffic jam it can become a parking lot.  I do have a couple choices to avoid US #130--the fastest route when all is moving well--so when I get bored with traffic lights and trucks I can cut off through the countryside for a break.  I calculated the mileage of going to the pool there twice a week and it pretty much matches going to Crystal Springs seven days a week in the summer, so my fuel consumption is pretty much a wash.  If I substitute more often, then I will swim more often as well.

Meantime, I need to ride.  I think even Tucker is looking for something to entertain himself, and certainly, indulging my whims when I am on his back--or not indulging my whims when I am on his back--would certainly be an entertaining diversion for him. Chance and I will need to get out on the trail, provided some of the flies decide the chilly air is not to their liking.

But, I really need to get some of that mowing done...and the run in shed cleaned out...and the fence fixed...and some weed whacking finished....and.....



  1. I think the weather is here to stay! Fingers crossed as I write that.

    Boy do I know how you feel about one job leading to another. It seems the more I think about what needs to be done before I can do this or that job the more I just sit and think about it instead of getting it done. Could use a more methodical organized brain these days.

    Hope you get your gas, mow, drag and finally get to ride...:)

  2. I am, what's the word, um, THRILLED that we turned the corner from summer!!!!!!!!! yippeeee yeeaaaaahhhooooo!!!!!!! I saw the first yellow leaves!!!!!!!!! need I say more about how excited I am? I will, in my blog soon!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  3. the flies here are busy removing themselves thank goodness...