Monday, September 24, 2012

Arena Nearly Ready

And I Lunge the Boys

I worked on the arena, the pasture and the paddocks yesterday. The weeds have taken over in a number of places, so I gassed up the lawn tractor and headed out to so some mowing.

While I mowed the "horse areas" the Boys mowed the back yard for me. It makes it a lot easier to work in the paddocks when they are otherwise occupied, so I let the out in the yard to nibble the grass. They were quite pleased and I was able to get a lot of work done.

I had to actually mow the riding arena as well. Grass has grown up in the several inches of sand, and along the edges some pretty determined weeds have taken hold. It was not a perfect mowing job, but if I continue to use the arena drag, especially after it rains, I will get most of the errant grass pulled up.  The weeds along the fence still need trimming, but I might just surrender to them until I get around to trying to put the fence back together in all the places the Boys have knocked it down playing "horse volleyball."

I also mowed several large patches of weeds in the pasture .  It really should be done with bush hog to get things really cleaned up, but until I have some extra money to pay someone, it will have to do as it. It does look a lot better, and the Boys seemed pleased as I saw them grazing in some of the newly mown areas today.

The weather seems to have broken for the moment, so after I fed the Boys dinner, I waited about an hour and then went out to lunge Tucker and Chance.

Tucker looked good. I was a little concerned about his left front where he'd lost the shoe last week. Scott had to trim him really short to get a shoe back on, but he looked just fine, with an even gait at the trot.  All went well until I put him on the right rein and asked for canter. He exploded into one of his typical Tucker Bucks and bolted off, powerfully enough that I had to let go of the lunge line.  Off he went in a mad gallop with the line trailing behind. This time, though, I had a "magic weapon" in my possession-horse treat in a very crinkly plastic wrap. One "crinkle" was all it took, and Tucker was back at my side so I could catch him.

Proof you don't need a clicker to get instant obedience!  *lol*

I finished with him along with another bucking depart I manage to control, and then put the halter and lunge line on Chance.

Once again, he was fine on the right rein, but when I trotted him on the left, he was giving a short stride on his right hind leg.  This is a chronic problem with him which does get better when he is more fit. We suspect it just might be a weak stifle. I urged him into a canter, which he took easily, and after a good number of times around, brought him back down to the trot. This time, his gait was even and forward.

When I ride him, if I feel that unevenness, I will do a bit of canter on the left lead to see if that improves the trot. I might be just a muscle issue that needs to be warmed up. Either way, I can only do what my vet recommended when we first noticed the issue.  I will just have to get him fit and hope for the best.

So, lovely weather continuing, I will ride tomorrow. Nothing big, but at least I'll be in the saddle.

Hope Tucker behaves himself. *G*  (I will carry a pocketful of treats.....)


  1. You really got a lot accomplished. I wouldn't worry about the little bit of grass and weeds, the weather and horses will take care of the rest;)

    I like your crinkly treat trick. Years ago when I couldn't catch a horse out in the field I'd crinkle the outer wrapping of a cigarette pack and I can't believe they fell for it every time. Of course, I usually had a real treat for them too.

    Have fun riding tomorrow!

  2. That made me laugh! Tucker is one smart boy.