Saturday, September 22, 2012

Still Sweating

You'd Think I'd Be In Better Shape

While fall is in the air, summer's heat seems to have decided to stay around a while. It's not as hot as it has been--in the 80's F instead of the 90's, but it was decidedly more humid today than I expected.

I dressed in my breeches thinking I might take a bit of a ride after doing some barn chores. The chores consisted of cleaning under the west run in roof and poo picking the riding arena...again.

Five wheelbarrow loads later, I was soaking in sweat. And, to my surprise, rather worn out. The surprise comes from the fact that I had been swimming all summer for at least 45 minutes a day.  And over the last two weeks, I have been swimming twice a week, again for 45-50 minutes, including five lengths of butterfly.

You'd think my stamina would be a lot better. But, then again, when I swim, I am not hot. And, while I use my muscles. it's not exactly weight lifting the way poo picking and wheelbarrowing are.

Towards and end of my work, The Boys came to "assist."  For Tucker, that meant standing right where I needed to use the pitchfork and then dropping a new load of manure not too far off--I guess so I didn't have to walk any distance to clean it up.  For Chance, it meant first moving into place for a quick cuddle and then trying to push the wheelbarrow by one handle.  Luckily, I asked him to stop helping a second before the whole thing toppled over so I didn't have to clean everything up all over again.

There was a fair breeze and when the sun disappeared behind some clouds now and then, it felt pretty nice out there.  I think, that after I feed later on, I will go back out and at least lunge the two non-retired boys.  But that does not mean I will not give Toby a carrot too. Not exactly proper for a horse with Cushings, but I can't see depriving him of all the joys of life.

I hope the predicted cool front comes in soon. I really do want to ride, but it's still uncomfortable out there and the flies are really annoying.

First day of Fall on the calendar, but Summer still lingers.


  1. It did seem a little humid today. I think it's supposed to rain so that's probably where the humidity is coming from. I'm sure by the end of the month it will be much cooler. Fingers crossed on that.

    Its so considerate of your assistants to try and help you get done with your work. I'm guessing they can't wait to get back to work.;) Hope you manage to get a ride in tomorrow.

  2. Oh that Tucker! Such a gentleman, dropping his poos where you don't have to go too far to get them. *G*

    I've been finding the sun to be quite strong these days. I have infinite energy in the shade, but as soon as I get into the sun I melt! I guess it's summer's last hurrah...

  3. Ahhhh isn't in grand when the ponies "help" clean up. It's even more fun when there are blankets to toss around or jackets hanging on the fence because the poop picker got hot. That is what we have to look forward to this winter/