Monday, September 03, 2012

End of Swimming Season

Take A Tour of My Pool Complex

Today, Labor Day, was the last day the pool was open. I've spent nearly every day this summer swimming there.

I dropped by with my camera and took some pictures to share with you all. Guess this will have to hold me until next season. 

 Entrance with prices, if you can read them. Not cheap at the daily rate. I have a season membership. 
Here is the entrance.
The kiddie pool.
Sapphire Bay, the family pool.
The wading pool for kids.

Several views of the Lazy River.

The water slides.

The lap pool where I swim.

The picnic area.
On the way out, office and plaque. 
Interior, shower and changing room.
Cute mermaid on the wall. 
Part of the parking lot.

I'm going to miss my daily swim, but I figure I will go to the indoor pool at the college where I substitute to swim at least twice week during the off-season. It's a bit of a drive compared to this pool--about 3 miles away by road, only a mile or so "as the crow flies."  but twice a week at 15 miles one way is about the same as going to my "summer pool" every day.

Labor Day, the end of summer here in the USA. Sad to say good bye to the water. 


  1. Your pool looks so inviting! The pool I swim at closed yesterday too. It's only an outdoor but I may take membership in the local rec center that's not too far from the barn. First I ride and get all hot and sweaty, then a nice swim? Sounds perfect - if I have the money to join and the time to swim.

  2. Looks like a great place. I can see why you like it so much. The lazy river seems so inviting.

    It's good you won't have to give up swimming altogether.

  3. Water looks so clean, the ambiance and environment is beautiful as well.

  4. that looks like a nice set up, and the lazy river does look inviting!

  5. Ummm - the lazy river has my name on it. What a nice facility!

    Glad you have another option to tide you over. :D