Saturday, June 09, 2012

Need to Get Fit

Saddle Time in the Near Future

I went to the Customer Appreciation Day at Rick's Saddle Shop today. I had a great time.

I won five items in the trivia contest, proving it pays to know totally useless information. I ate a free hamburger, a free hot dog, some free cookies, and washed that all down with a cold drink.  I bought a new safety helmet for 20% off--it was "Helmet Awareness Day," and avoiding spending tons more.

Actually, the day before, I'd gone to the closer store to stock up on feed for the month at $2 off a bag, so I certainly spent enough money for the weekend.

But, there was more fun. Aside from meeting a few old friends and chatting, I also met up with the store owner who's known me for over thirty years since he first opened his tack/feed store.  His horse was there on display. Why?  Because his horse is a big, black Percheron measuring in at 19 h!

Rick and I got to talking and he allowed me to go in the pen with Rebel to see him up close. Believe me, he is huge!!! His back towered over me.

I asked about how he felt to ride and one thing led to another. At that point, Rick asked me if I'd like to come out to ride him sometime to try a little dressage. I hesitated, mostly because I certainly and not in the best state of riding fitness now, but it certainly would be fun to get on a horse like that.

So, I am planning on getting some good saddle time in here with the intent of getting in shape so I can get on the big fellow and have a go.  All I'll need to do it convince him to go where I want him to.

Here's Rebel's publicity photo. The girl holding him is probably about my height 5'6" or so, just to give you a perspective.

So what do you think??? *G*


  1. I think it sounds like a great idea and lots of fun. I once rode a horse about that big and I'll tell you he was a sweetheart. The bigger they are the bigger heart I think. The truth of it was I was a little nervous because of his height. It felt like I was on top of a building. I'm 5-5 and I felt like a little kid perched way up in the sky. I'm glad he was so gentle.

    The rest of your weekend sounds nice too.

  2. Whoa, I thought Tetley was big! It's going to be a big seat you will be sitting in. I wonder what he will feel like?

  3. If I can ever seem to find a mutual time with his owners, I'm going to be starting a 17.2 hand percheron under saddle for his owners this summer...

    The key to that is finding a time to meet with them, and that isn't happening so far, so I probably won't be getting to start a massive horse this summer. Sad.

    Drafts are pretty cool though. I ride a who knows what draft cross gelding and I started his owners half percheron filly for them, but she's only about 16 hh.

  4. I used to board over where Rebel is kept... I remember when he first arrived to be started by the old trainer. He had joked about throwing me on, and I said he had better have a catapault!

    After riding my own "Moose" (who is only 17hh) for so long I've wondered how Rebel would compare, haha.

    I always remember him being such a sweet horse. It would be neat to see him learn a little dressage!

  5. Anonymous7:52 PM

    You would have to be crazy NOT to do it! He's a beauty, and I am sure he would be a good boy. :)

  6. I'm 5'3", and I've had a few horses that I trained and showed that were over 18 hands. They were actually much easier to ride than most of the 16h horses I've been on. They were certainly easier than the 15h horses, and I swear I'll never get on a pony ever again!

    I believe that the smaller the horse, the more concentrated the "bad" becomes. If you don't believe me, just come meet my mini-mare!

    Can't wait to hear about your upcoming rides!