Wednesday, June 20, 2012

And the Heat is On!

At Least For a Day or Two

The summer heat is on. Temps are supposed to be close to 100F today. The humidity is not overwhelming, so it won't be totally stifling, but nonetheless, summer is coming in with a vengeance.

I had planned on riding yesterday, but never did get around to it. Not sure why. I was rather warm, so that put me off and I had to do some grant writing in the morning.

I did go out for a bit to do some trimming with the DR trimmer, but when the trim strings broke the second time, I gave up on that as well. The machine works like a charm, but if I trim against a hard surface--post, tree, wall, etc.--the trimmer strings tend to snap off. They are easy to replace, but it's just so annoying. I love the machine for the most part, but so many places in my yard have obstructions that it's too common for string damage.  I was going to go into the riding arena to trim, but the second break did me in.

I did cuddle the Boys--Toby in particular. He seems to love having me stand there with his head in my arms, just petting and hugging him. Both Tucker and Chance like the attention too, but Toby is definitely the most affectionate at the moment.  I have the fans on in the barn for today, so they will be as comfortable as possible in this heat.

Last night, Stephen Colbert "bumped" dressage again. With Rafalca on the team, he has every reason to continue to follow the sport.  And, I noted that he did say he was going to do everything he could to see that the team was as well equipped as the US Speed Skating Team which he supported during the winter games. I'm not sure what that meant, but wouldn't it be great if the US Team got some much needed financial support from The ColbertNation?  At the very least, the publicity for dressage is great!

Once again, I have to admit, that while Colbert is making fun of how elite a sport dressage is, he is also well-informed on the subject.  He invited Anne Romney on to the show--much debate in the forums as to whether or not she would show up--but even if she doesn't come, dressage has taken a huge leap in potential popularity because of the political connection.

We are all hoping Colbert will "participate" in dressage as he did in speedskating. I was in hysterics when he had a match race with US skater Apolo Ohno.  Colbert began the race while Ohno was still at home. Ohno arrived at the rink, put on his gear and headed out to the ice to race past Colbert for an easy victory. It was one of the best comedy bits I'd seen in a long time. Not sure what he could do with dressage, but I'm sure it'd be funny.

So now that dressage has gotten the "bump" it remains to be seen how much of the competition will be televised in the US.  I do have most of the NBC stations and affiliates on my cable, so if they broadcast any equine events I should be able to see them. Of course, the last time, the dressage was also broadcast live on the Internet, so I also have that option.

I do have a feeling our British friends out there will be blessed with good coverage. Now there's a county that appreciates horses!


  1. Sorry to say I missed that show (I'm on vacation right now) but I know we have it taped for when we get home. Looking forward to it.

    It's true that England does love their horses. I hope during this Olympic they have better coverage of the equestrian sports than they normally do. It's usually all about volleyball or synchronized swimming and never a good in depth telecast of the equestrian sports. Like you say there is always the internet to catch it on. Stay cool.

  2. I wonder if Colbert knows how to ride? if he can sort of ride, I can see some comedy coming out of that one...
    It's pleasant here today but supposed to be hot tomorrow. One weather site says 101*!!!! Another says 89*. I'm going with 89!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  3. jean, we'll be at work, and you can guarantee that the dressage won't get much coverage (and if it does, it'll be Anky, who i don't want to watch....)

  4. and i'm miffed that i didn't get tickets for the only event i applied for (cross country day)

  5. My sister and I thought that Toby was the best one to cuddle too.

    I need to have a look at the Colbert comedy, but I hear it's pretty funny.

  6. We do love our horses, but TV coverage is only good in the UK if you have Sky, Jean.