Thursday, March 29, 2012

Out Walking

And Toby Worries About Me!

This was the second time I went for a longish walk off the property only to have Toby calling after me, exactly the way he does when I ride one of the other Boys out on the trail.

I feel so special. I guess I am part of his herd, and when I go off on an adventure, he worries about me. I guess going off in the car is OK, but I certainly don't know for sure. It's only when I am out in the woods, or the field as I was today, that I can hear him whinny.  Chance and Tucker are right there with him, so he is not calling for them.

As a matter of fact when I left, all three Boys were in the front paddock by the barn. I headed out the gate of the arena into the woods trail.  Toby called for me.  Then, I headed down the dirt road that crosses the field and, as I looked over to the pasture, the Boys were out there where I was in plain sight for the bulk of my hike.  Since the corn is cut and not yet replanted, the field is wide open and I walked its perimeter, nearly always able to see the pasture.

When I came back to walk along the pasture fenceline, Tucker and Chance paid me no mind, but Toby headed over to the fence where he would be closer to me.  Once I was back "safely" into the arena, he ignored me again--at least until dinner time.

Frankly, I'm flattered. To be integrated into the social circle of my little herd is really quite an honor.  I'm not sure what my position is, although I hope I am actually the "alpha," but with horses like mine, you never know. I might easily be considered the somewhat annoying child who just has to be indulged and, apparently, "watched out for."

Kind of funny when you think about it. We always talk about being our horses's masters, and how we get them to obey us. Could it actually be that they are just indulging us for their own amusement?

Does that mean horses are really just cats in disguise?


  1. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Very cute and sweet!

  2. Awe, I think that's so considerate of him to worry about you. Although, like you said they might think you're a troublesome child who could get into trouble and they have to whinny for you so you can find your way home before you hurt yourself ;)

    Then again, I've felt many times that they are just indulging us for their own amusement so it is hard to figure out what they really think about us. Maybe we should just go along and think whatever makes us happy.

  3. Justifiably Special:)

  4. Awww, I love to hear this. Toby really is a special guy and I think he is perfectly capable of worrying about you.