Sunday, March 04, 2012

Winter Drops By Again

Sort Of....

I have to wonder how the horses cope, adjusting to all the changes in temperature. I know I am not having a lot of luck.  When it gets cold, I get chilled, and I can't get myself warmed up.

Saturday morning was a good example of winter's fickle moods around here. It was rainy and miserable in the morning. I had to meet someone in at 10 AM--bit of a drive to get there--and headed out in a drizzle that turned into some pretty soggy rain while I was on the highway.  On the way home, the rain let up and the sun began to nuzzle past the clouds.

By afternoon, it was so warm I took the sheets off the Boys to let them enjoy the day--and some good rolls in what was now MUD.  Because it was so wet, I opted out of riding. I just didn't feel like coping with the sloppy footing.

When I went out for late feed, I put the sheets back on the Boys as a brisk breeze had picked up and the temperatures were dropping. By this morning, it was winter trying to decide which face to show. The sun was out when I went to church and I only wore my heavy sweater. After church, the breeze had picked up again and I put my jacket on. By the time we finished eating lunch at the diner, I could have used a warmer coat.

Tonight temperatures are supposed to drop into the 20's F warm up tomorrow and then drop again.

I figure I'll make hot mashes for the Boys in the morning once again because of the up and down thermometer. Their sheets are kind of midweight and seem to keep them comfortable enough.  I think the big thing is a layer to block the wind a bit.  I make sure they have plenty of hay to munch on as that helps fuel their internal heating systems.

As for me--no such luck. One day it's warm and I'm OK and then it gets cold and I can't get warm. Last night I had three blankets on top of me in bed before I started to feel at least a little snug.

Good thing I'm not a horse.

Hope I have more to post than a weather report next time. But, then again, it's still winter......


  1. Mad weather here too. 3 weeks ago it was minus 15 degrees C, then last week it was plus 25 degrees C, and tomorrow it should SNOW O_o

    We are all catching cold, because we do not know what to where ???

  2. Saturday was a miserable day. Foggy, rainy and windy. The horses looked miserable and couldn't wait to come in at night. Yesterday nice, sunny in the morning and then cold and cloudy again. The only good thing about this winter was the lack of snow and not many days with temps under 0. I'm keeping the faith though because it's sunny and little cool today but I know Spring is on the way. A few more weeks to go.

  3. The wind is what kills me. We're so flat down here, and with all the cleared farmland there's just no wind breaks! It just cuts right through you, even when the sun is out.

    I'm getting very tired of hauling blankets on and off, too.

  4. same here....ridiculous and worrying, really!

  5. Those rice filled fabric bags that you heat in the microwave are great. Treat them like old fashioned bricks, which I imagine were heated on the hearth and then rolled in towel and put at the foot of your bed to warm you up on cold nights.

    Crazy weather here too. 68 tomorrow! Then in the 30's and snow the day after. I saw some bugs today - not good.

  6. I was wondering the same thing - 3 days ago I was wearing shorts and had shedding horse hair all over me - and then a short but wicked snow storm, and the last 2 days the winter wind has been howling. the horses probably adjust way better than we do - but still!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond