Monday, March 19, 2012

Two Bottles and More

Lots Of Exercise on a Warm Day

The Weather Channel says it is 77F here. I believe it.

I took a walk out through the woods early on, carrying a trash bag with me. When I got to the woods road at the edge of the field where the minibikers had parked, I found three cigarette packs, two large plastic soda bottles and one beer can dumped in the woods. This is the spot I had cleaned up just a few days before. I don't know if the minibikers I met left the trash or whether someone else left it, but there it was.  I will do my best to clean up, but why should I have to?  If I see anyone out there again, I will at least mention the debris. Perhaps I can jog a conscience or two. *sigh*

I walked rather briskly for about a half hour and the terrain is uneven with a few hills, so I consider that a good little bit of exercise.  It was warm enough that I got a sweaty, so I guess I did some work at least. My knees have been aching the last couple days and I'm not sure why, but I hope the exercise will help them feel better.

I  thought I might ride Tucker out on a trail, so I saddled him up and headed out. But, he was a bit too full of enthusiasm for my taste. He was really walking out and felt as if he wanted to trot off instead of keeping a sedate pace so I turned around, did a little mini-loop behind the riding arena and then went in and rode him in the arena instead.  He was quite good there, settling nicely into some good trot work and then some canter that felt forward but controlled as well.  I may have ridden him for all of 15-20 minutes total, but when I brought him in he was lathered under the saddle and between his hind legs.  I ended up hosing him off just to try to clean it all off.

I then saddled up Chance and headed out to the woods, planning on taking the medium long trail for a change.  We rounded the bend just before the woods road and what did we see????

Another horse and rider!! Oh, my goodness!! Chance stopped and stared. And stared, rooted to the ground.  I managed to urge him into the woods for a few strides but he was getting all "bouncy," so I turned back around, went out to the field and waited for the other horse to reach us.

It was a woman named Wendy from one of farms on the next road over. And her horse's name was....get ready....Chance!  Talk about coincidence.  Her Chance was only seven and a bit green too, so the two Chances made a good team.  We chatted as we rode through the woods together. Then we looped off behind my barn area were I left her to take the trail back to her farm while I brought Chance in.

Toby and Tucker were putting on quite a show in the arena at that point. All Wendy said was, "Oh My!" as the two of them ripsnorted, lept, bucked and galloped all over the place.

Fortunately her Chance was not the least upset, nor was mine--as he is well used to the nonsense.

Hopefully Wendy had a lovely ride home and I do hope I will meet her again sometime. I was nice to have another person out there on my ride.

And besides, she was not a minibike or ATV, so all was well.


  1. thought for a second you were going to say, another trail bike!

    nice to have company on a hack....

  2. Anonymous6:57 PM

    Two Chances are . . . wonderful! Glad you had a good day for walking and riding (minus trash pick up).

  3. Wonder if you got the parks dept. to put some wire trash baskets back there it would save you from picking up others garbage. I have to do the same thing on my property, guess nobody has any respect for the environment. Yesterday on my way home I was behind a car that threw out two soda cans. Nice.

    I think it's great you met another rider on the trails. What a coincidence that her horse was Chance too. Hope you get to be riding buddies and have lots of good rides together.

  4. Horses are not the only social animals, perchance?

  5. Perhaps putting up a post saying that it is forbidden to leave any waste, and then have a bin set up.

    Sorry I am not eloquent this morning. I hope you see what I mean. ^-^

    It is nice to have compagny isn't it?