Monday, April 02, 2012

Barn Kitties

Just My Luck

You've all "met" Peppercorn, if you read this blog. He's the black barn kitty I've adopted. I've managed to get him fairly tame, so I was planning on taking him to the vet soon to have him neutered.

Enter Misty, stage wrong. A sweet little powder gray striped tabby cat showed up a while ago. I knew she was about, but didn't get a good glimpse of her until the end of last week. A slight tri-color to her coat indicated she is a female, but more telling is the suspiciously round belly.

Poor little thing is bony, except for that belly, so I'm pretty sure she is pregnant. Bummer. The last thing I need around here is kittens. But I don't want to call animal control to pick her up as she would most likely be euthanized. Cat rescues are already overstressed, and I'm perfectly fine giving her and outdoor home here--except for the kittens.

Friends of Animals offers low cost spay/neuter certificates, but they take a week or more to arrive, and when I called one of the providing vets, the total cost skyrocketed from the price of the initial certificate. The fact that Misty is probably pregnant complicated the matter even more.

I finally found a local vet who will do a spay for a slight discount--let's say about $100 less than the other quotes I got, so I made an appointment for this week. Fortunately, Misty warmed up to me pretty quickly once she realized I was provider of canned food, so I'm hoping I can catch her without too much trouble.

I have the crate I used the last time a female had kittens here--Mommycat, who still visits from my neighbor's house whenever she wants fany vittles--so I need to set that up in the sunroom. If I can get Misty caught on Wednesday, then I will keep her in the cage overnight and take her to the vet early Thursday morning. I don't know how far along she is in her pregnancy, and I do feel bad about it, but bringing a litter of homeless kittens into the world is not my idea of being a responsible animal lover.

It's pretty clear Misty is used to people as it only took one day of introduction before I could touch her. How horrible to think that someone probably just tossed her out.

One the other hand, I do suspect Peppercorn was probably the "responsible party" in her pregnancy.  But, if so, he is not being an absent father.  Last night, when I was feeding the horses---and giving Pepper his evening meal--Misty appeared at the barn door. She started to come in, saw me and ran back out, not sure of her welcome. Pepper left his food dish, scuttled out the door himself and, a second later, returned with Misty. Apparently he had gone out to tell her it was OK and to come on in for another meal. It was really kind of cute.

This morning, both kitties were in the barn, waiting for me. Misty "talked" to me as I doled out the food, so, again, it's pretty apparent she is used to human interaction.

Sad, indeed. I've said it before, but it seems a barn/farm is an open invitation for people to toss out unwanted animals. And I'll say it again--IT'S NOT!!!

Horse news is somewhat limited. I subbed on Friday, it rained on Saturday and Sunday, and today it is supposed to be windy. I'll wait till later in the day to see how settled it is outside. I do have to poo pick the riding arena, so that may be a priority--and it's kind of wet out there anyway.

The Boys are spending a lot of time out in the pasture, nibbling the new grass as fast as it comes in. The rain my inspire some growth, but it will be quickly trimmed by three Boys eager for a taste of green after the winter.

Spring, with all its new adventures, has begun at Follywoods.


  1. I feel so sorry for cats like Misty. It's so nice of you to take her on and all the responsibility of having another cat around. People do seem to think if you have a farm then it's okay to just abandon your pets there. Don't know how that thought process works.

    Anyway, I hope it all goes well with the spaying and I'm sure Peppercorn will continue to be a good friend to her. Poor little thing.

  2. Peppercorn is quite the gentleman, even if he drifted off track a little to start with. It's very good of you to spend hard earned (and impossible to keep) money on care of "the unknown cats". I wonder if there's an oral contraceptive that feral cats can be given with food. That's how they decreased the pigeon population in London years ago. Fat, happy, sterile pigeons.

  3. Well, you know you are doing right by the kitties. I hope you can catch her in time and that it all works out. At least cats are somewhat adept at fending for themselves but horses imprisoned in a field are helpless to help themselves.

  4. You are doing right things for Misty. Poor cat, she must have been tossed out. For a moment I was worried, you wanted to keep them all and have a large feline colony in your barn ...just teasing ^-^

    Pepper needs also to get the cut though!!!!

  5. Good grief! you have a quote $100 less than another? We don't pay anywhere near $100 to have a cat neutered. Our last female cost £45 all up, with follow up stitch removal and pain relief (which she was MAD about - licked it off my hand and begged for more, the little junkie!)


  6. I HATE IT when people dump animals.
    Well, more teeth to catch rats and mice with!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond