Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bloggers Unite!!

Such Fun to Meet People in RL

If you are part of my blogging circle, you may well know MaryLou and her horse Tetley. She writes a regular blog at

Well, it turns out that she was coming east for a family visit from her home in Colorado and to my delight, my house was "in between" stops.

She and her sister Betsy dropped by today for a visit.  What a lovely experience it was. MaryLou is as genuine and wonderful as she seems in her blog--what else should I have expected?--and her sister is just as delightful.

We had lunch--they dared to risk my French onion soup and a salad--and chatted like old friends. Of course, we have the horses in common, but MaryLou is also a tutor, so we also had our backgrounds in education to link us.

Betsy was first to urge us to "get out there to meet the horses," so as soon as we finished eating, we headed out to the pasture to greet the Boys.  I'm sure the bag of carrots I had helped create the proper mood, but it was only a moment before we were surrounded by three very friendly horses, looking for treats, and, as it turned out cuddles. Of the three, Toby was actually the most affectionate and he enjoyed some nice hugs even after the carrots were gone.

Tucker was the most enthusiastic. And I have to laugh a bit at his persistent efforts to be the center of attention.  Again the "carrot lure" was strong, but even when the bag was empty he determinedly followed us back in to the barn area just interested in whatever we were doing.

Chance was his usual sweet self but he doesn't challenge either Tucker or Toby for "front and center," so he wandered off a bit when the carrots were gone.

I do have to say I was quite pleased with how friendly and generally polite the Boys were for company. I never quite know what kind of welcome people are going to get from them. But I suspect all three horses knew they were amid a group of true horse lovers who were just willing to appreciate them for, well....being horses.

After we used up another half dozen carrots I got from the house, we  left the horses and walked over just to see the sandpit lake. I've posted pictures here, but I don't think they quite show the vast expanse of water I have across the road from my house. It's pretty impressive "in person."

Afternoon had worn on by then and MaryLou and Betsy still had a drive to New York ahead of them, so we had to say goodbye.  Hopefully, they made it to their next stop without getting lost along the way.  I rarely if ever drive to NY myself, so I was useless in giving directions further than to get back to the NJ Turnpike.

It was a super wonderful day and absolutely even more wonderful to meet MaryLou in real life.

Wish I could meet you all some day. The horse blogger community is full of great people.

For now, I will just have to be content with one at a time.  (Well, two, counting Betsy.)


  1. I think it would be fun to meet you too. Especially where you are ensconced Queen of the realm.

  2. Sounds like you all had a good time!!!!
    So if I ever come to visit you, I shall bring LOTS of carrots ^-^

  3. How nice to meet fellow bloggers and friends. Sounds like you all had a wonderful time and the horses were happy to meet their admirers. Amazing isn't it that the internet can bring so many people we'd never know together.

  4. Oh, that is great! What fun!

    I should be up at the Horse Park a few times this year, as I have friends showing there this year. We will have to get together. My friends might even be successful in convincing me to show there, too. Then you can meet me and Spider! (Spider is definitely the more interesting of the two of us!)

  5. oh excellent! it is great to meet people in person, isn't it? i alway meant to arrange to call in Cambridge when passing, when ML was there, but it never quite happened....

  6. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I met a fellow blogger once, SO cool. We share so much here, when you meet face to face it is like we know each other so well, the friendship is so close!

    How cool, what an expirience!