Friday, February 10, 2012

Sugar Coating

But More Is On the Way

I woke up yesterday to snow. Just a coating. Pretty, actually, especially since it didn't need to be shoveled and it was going to be warm enough to melt nearly all of it by day's end.  We are supposed to get more snow tonight--perhaps several inches--but again when it warms up next week, that too will melt.

Here's what we had last year:
Chance is pictured here and he is about 15.3 h.

This year? Almost the same day?  Here's Toby:

I'll be honest. After last year, we've earned a break. But winter is not yet over and some of the worst storms I remember were in March, so I am not counting on anything at this point.  Instead, I'll just enjoy the beauty of nature when she is not being too cruel to us.

I longlined both Tucker and Chance the day before the snow.  Tucker did some very silly aerial maneuvers, but gave me a lot of nice work in between.   Chance was going absolutely beautifully until he got his tongue over the bit. This was his proper bit too. I don't know if I had it adjusted too low after fixing the bridle, or if he was having a problem with tongue pressure. I raised it up a hole or two for now, but I may try out the Myler bit I bought for Tucker some time ago and never tried.

First, though, I have to look the bit up on the Myler site to see what it says about tongue pressure. If it's the right one to relieve that, it's worth a shot. If not I still supposed it's worth the experiment.

I hope to ride a little today as it's nice out and the snow is not scheduled to arrive until evening. But time's a wasting and I still have to eat lunch--just heard my casserole timer ding.

And here's the "Can You Spot The Ball?" quiz from the other day.
When I left the ball the night before, it was resting at the edge of the mud puddle. Sharp eyes will see it, I'm sure.

Here is the "reveal."
Well, it hadn't rolled down the hill in the pasture yet, but given time.....

Wonder exactly how it got there?

It wasn't very windy that night.


  1. The little bit of icing looks pretty. We're due for some inches tonight too, hope it's not much. I'm not complaining after the last few years but I've sort of gotten spoiled this year. If it goes under 40 I'm a little disappointed.

    Glad you got some work in with the boys. Hope you got a ride in too.

    Maybe the squirrels were having a midnight soccer game with that ball...;)

  2. Regarding weather, do not assume too much. Two weeks ago, I was hacking Teena in very DRY conditions, it was sunny and warm. For teh last two weeks, we have SNOW and ice. Freezing temperatures, and snow, so much snow. We are having an "official" (Technical term, because the winds are over 56km/h). So much snow !!!!

    I agree the squirrels moved the ball ^-^ !!!

  3. pretty! this winter isn't nearly as bad as the last two over here....

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