Monday, February 27, 2012

Into the Woods and Out Again

And All For My Knees

I started a bit of a walking program for my knees, and decided that since I don't have a dog to walk with me in the woods, why not a horse?  Tucker has not been out on a trail in months, so I figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to handwalk him out on one in preparation for an eventual ride. And, it had the other benefit of my walking for my knees.

So, out we went. I put Tuck's bridle on him and then threaded the lunge line through the two rings of the bit under his chin, just in case. I figured if anything happened and he broke away from me, I'd have some fifteen feet of lunge line to hold him from running off. Turns out, I didn't need it.

I did have to repeat the halt and have him step back two paces exercise numerous times, reminding him not to walk too fast ahead of me. He was never out of control, but just wanted to move out a little more than my leg speed.  That was nice in the sense the he was very positive and forward about the adventure. It only took the slightest correction to keep him where I wanted him to be.

I got my knees exercised, some exercise to take off some weight, and Tucker had a nice little trail "ride" with no stress.

After we got back, I changed from my walking shoes to my paddock boots and saddled Chance. Although there was a little wind today, it was sunny and warm, so the two of us headed out for our own hack through the woods. I took the same trail that Tucker and I walked, mostly because I'd cleared a number of branches out of the way and knew it was pretty clear. There are two huge fallen trees across the main woods roads, but both of them have pretty clear ways around. I haven't been on any of the other paths through the woods recently to see if they are blocked, so this trail was a good choice.

When I got back to the arena, I trotted a rather reluctant Chance around, working on my own posting trot which is equivalent to doing modified deep knee bends against the wall. Posting trot is much more fun and instead of the 40 or so I might do in the house, I counted 100 in each direction before I called it a day.

Add all that to pushing the wheelbarrow and riding the stationary bike for 15 minutes and I had a good day for the knees.

And two simply lovely trips through the woods.


  1. That sounds like a really good day for the horses and your knees! Good idea to take your horse for a walk through the woods. The added benefit of being able to clear some blockage from the trail was a bonus.

  2. Anonymous7:25 PM

    Great that you got out and that you got in your exercise too - glad the trails through the woods are usable.

  3. Fantastic day! I suspect all the reminders you had to give Tucker, not to go too fast, were very good for him. I totally agree that it's much more fun to exercise your knees on the horse than against the wall. Hope they feel ok in the morning.

  4. That is a great fitness programme!!!

    Remember to have a good diet with it, because exercising make syou more hungry ... watch how much you eat ^-^

    I have finally found a diet that work for me, I have NO craving, I have stabilised my blood glucose. I am so happy.

    Since Paul has his cast on his leg, and stopped exercising, he is simply metling away. Men pffff.. he stops moving and he looses weight.
    Don't I wish to have HIS metabolism!!!