Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just a Bit of Lungeing

In and Out

I went to the chiropractor today, so, as I rule, it was not  riding day. It was cooler than yesterday, but dry and a bit breezy.

I did my walking in the mall, timing it at 10 minutes from one anchor store to the other, and that doesn't include the wandering around I did as I browsed the clothing. I started off at JC Penney, where I found the pale blue cardigan I wanted for my Easter outfit. I also found an lovely kelly green blouse and a pair of bright blue skinny jeans in a nice stretch poplin--none of which I needed. But, I had a gift card from Christmas, so in the end, all I doled out was a dollar.

Then, walking briskly, I headed to the other end to Macy's, where I found a really pretty blue flowered tee top that was perfect with the cardigan.  It will depend upon the weather for Easter Sunday as to what top I do wear under the cardigan, but now I'm set for just about any temperature. That top was just under $10, so I felt pretty good about indulging myself--again knowing I really didn't NEED it.

The brisk walk back to the Penney end of the mall gave me my knee walk exercise for the day, so I actually accomplished something besides just shopping.

Home again, it seemed as if the wind had picked up and it was a little chilly despite the moderate temperatures. I decided to leave the Boys's sheets on until I went out later to do the barn work.  I regret that because when I did take Tucker's sheet off to lunge him, he was well sweated under it. Then again, Toby and Chance were not particularly sweaty, so it's possible Tucker was running around on his own.

At any rate, I lunged him, and he was a good boy.  For fun, I set up a one stride in and out jump at about 2 feet or so.  He got a little silly, but negotiated both jumps in both directions with no problem, so to finish up, I set the second fence at about 3 feet. just for a challenge.

Tuck's silliness immediately stopped with no corrections on my part. He slowed his canter into the first little fence, took a nice balanced stride in between, and lifted himself athletically over the second, higher jump with ease.  I sent him through a few more times, and each time he set the perfect pace and impulsion on his own without rushing or worry and jumped the combination perfectly.

Done with Tucker, I took Chance out next.  He too lunged beautifully on the flat and then took the two small jumps with some nice relaxed efforts. This time, he cantered to the fences on his own without much urging from me, but, when he met the fence a little out of stride, he dropped to a trot for the first effort while still putting in the canter stride between for the second fence.  At then end, I raised the second jump for him to perhaps 2'6" and he jumped on through with no fuss. He doesn't just naturally use himself as well as Tucker, but he's catching on. If I were really training him to be a jumper, I'd quickly add some gymnastic puzzles for him to figure out.  I have a feeling that would sharpen his interest a little and encourage him to use himself better.

Carrots went into everyone's feed bucket and I left their sheets off until late feed. We are supposed to get some rain/snow/sleet stuff sometime before daybreak.  All of it should change over to rain by afternoon and then, on Thursday, it may warm up to 60F.

Crazy extremes again. Guess I will be feeding bran mashes.


  1. It's always nice to get new clothes whether we need them or not. And even better to get a deal on them. Good for you and for your knees walking the mall.

    The longeing sounds like it went really well. When they do so well don't you just feel like getting on sometimes and taking a few jumps with them. I know I do, but I haven't jumped in years so it would probably be a disaster. I'm sure they'd see the distances much better than I would.:)

  2. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Good stuff all around. Good that yours lunge so well, even over jumps. Dawn is pretty good about it, but not so good on poles and jumps - she's pretty sour about those.

  3. this weather's so mad it's impossible to get the rugging wholly right, i think.....