Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sorta Windy, Sorta Not

Sunny and Fickle

It was nice and warm today, except when the wind kicked up, which was now and then.

I decided to lunge instead of ride, just because the weather just couldn't make up its mind about what kind of day it actually was. Of course, while I was working the horses, there was just a nice gentle breeze...ah, well.

This time, I just worked Tucker and Chance, once again with the goal of fitness rather than any real training.

I did set up the little jump at about two feet, which Tucker took with grace and style. Too bad I am not much of a jumper rider anymore as it looks to me as if he'd be a really good one. He just naturally knows how to take a fence and stays calm about it. I haven't challenged him to any height, but I suspect he'd manage just fine over 3'6".

Chance, on the other hand, refused the jump at 2 feet, not because he couldn't get over it, but because he really didn't seem to know how. I lowered it for him and he popped it twice before finding both stride and style to jump it nicely. Maybe he just needs a little more practice to figure it all out, while Tucker just has a natural talent for it.

Doesn't matter much since my jumping days are over. But I do think its good physical and mental exercise for horses to jump now and then. And it definitely adds interest to the lungeing sessions.

Besides, once they get the hang of it, it really looks as if they are having fun!


  1. I cannot help thinking that Chance is my kind of horse *grin* ^-^

    Nice weather here too. I won't swear on anyhtnig !!!

  2. I agree that lunging is more fun with some jumps added in. Sounds like a good day with both boys. I don't jump anymore either, but sometimes I just wish I could go out there and do a course. My favorite part of riding was the jumping. Anyway...

    We got some snow last night, about an inch, no big deal just enough to be annoying.

  3. Ha - reminds me of Batman...
    we have a fence post in the yard that I use to side step all the horses over, usually after I get back from a ride. Batman is the sweetest horse but not necessarily the brightest...
    one morning before I got on him I lunged him just a few rounds and while going round I moved toward the post so he'd have to trot over it. the first time he almost stopped at it, then stumbled over and almost fell down. After a couple rounds he finally managed to trot over it without hitting it. Wonder what he'd do if I made a jump for him! I love Batman : )
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  4. No "sorta" about the wind down here, I thought my house was going to blow down last night!

    I'm glad to hear you've been getting out to play with the boys so much. This weather is sublime!