Tuesday, December 27, 2011

'Twas Days After Christmas

And All Through the Farm....

Peace reigns. The Boys are fat and happy and so am I.

Well, not too fat, yet. What is it about the holidays that brings out the appetite? We had my cousin's delicious lasagna Christmas Eve, along with cookies and candy, of course. Then on Christmas Day I went down to my other cousin's house--at Ship Bottom which is on Long Beach Island at the Jersey Shore--for a sumptuous ham dinner. I ate and ate.

But, I also took a three block walk to the beach before dusk.  Not the biggest deal, normally, but with my knee replacements, a potential challenge. Walking in the sand is not the easiest effort for muscles and joints.  New Jersey beach sands tend to be fine so when they are dry, you sink in several inches.  With my own bad knees, it was hard to make it across the top of the beach down to the water. Christmas Day, new knees?  No problem! Again, my knees are still a little stiff and, depending on where the swelling has decided to rest for the day, a little sore, but they are stable and for the first time in years really feel as if they can hold me up just fine.

So, I walked all the way down to the water's edge and dipped my hand in the ocean. Not normally a big deal, but I haven't been down to the ocean in about two years, so it was an "event," for my fingers. I was rather surprised that the water didn't feel a lot colder. It might be that it is salt water, of course, but it was not a feeling of "instant freeze" even though the air was rather chilly--not icy cold, mind you, but hovering around 40F or a bit below with a breeze.

I'm not a big shore goer, even though it's one of "the things" to do in New Jersey. I get sunburned easily and getting thrashed about by waves was kind of hard on my knees. But perhaps this summer I will go down at least once to my cousins' house to take a dip. I much prefer the pool for real swimming, but the ocean does have a unique allure and with new legs, I will probably enjoy it.

Meantime, the Boys have reaped the benefit of the season as well with apples in their feed and the traditional carrots with green tops--I think I noted that before. I did finally manage to stitch the rip in Tucker's sheet so he doesn't quite look like a ragged orphan any more as well.

My friend Stacie was supposed to bring her lovely little mustang mare, Rosie up here to the mustang trainer who lives on the next road over. Stacie has only done the basics with Rosie who is now coming four years old, so it's time to start working on getting her under saddle.

This is Rosie. She was adopted and handled at Rutgers University in their equine program as a baby. They auction the horses off at the and of the school year.  She was two in these pictures and the handler is the student who was her caretaker.

So, back to the story. Around 9AM or so, Stacie called me from the emergency room. She had been sick all night and in pain.  Turned out she is OK--drink plenty of fluids and just wait it out--but the call gave me quite a scare. I was afraid something had happened when she was loading Rosie for the trip up. Whew!!

I just spoke to her on the phone a few minutes ago, and she is doing much better and was even able to do the barn chores this morning. Of course, as we all know too well, that horsewomen, in particular, do not "know the meaning of pain" when it comes to taking care of our horses. I know that I, for one, have dragged myself out to the barn despite a fever, nausea, weakness, and even a non-supporting knee more than once to see to the Boys' care. But, I'll take Stacie at her word and accept that she really is feeling better.

I am ever hopeful that the New Year will bring better things for us all, particularly my friends who've not had the best 2011.

In the meantime, I am doing all I can to enjoy the rest of the holiday season, even if it means a few extra pounds. With my new knees, I should be able to work them off anyhow. *lol*


  1. I love the ocean and I miss it. Having grown up on Long Island we were always at one beach or another and as kids took the ferry over to Fire Island a lot. But I haven't been to the beaches since we moved up here about 11 years ago. Anyway, glad you got to dip your fingers in and your knees felt good enough to walk in the sand.

    Rosie is a beautiful mare, she looks very smart and kind. It should be fun training her under saddle.

    I wouldn't worry about the extra pounds right now. It's the holidays and goodies are a treat to enjoy!

  2. I remember when you told us about Rosie. It will be interesting to see new photos once you do get together with her. The knee news is very good. I believe that your ocean is warmer than ours at any time of year. (One of California's dirty little secrets).

  3. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Glad the knees are holding up nicely - that bodes well for your activity level in the New Year.

    Rosie is very cute - will look forward to reading more about her.

  4. I grew up near the sea too, and it's the only thing I miss about living in the hills. I love the hills but you can't get hills like ours and sea in the same place in Britain!


  5. Your knees are taking you to great places. The ocean is good for your spirit. How I miss it! I grew up in Maine, leaving when we married 30 years ago, but still miss it deeply.

    I will bet that we all have been eating more than normal.

  6. there is the gulf stream running up that side of the states, so may be that's why it didn't feel super cold? glad you were able to cope with the sand, it can be as holding as mud...

  7. Sounds like a nice beach visit and holiday. Your new knees seem to carrying you well.

    A belated Merry Christmas wish for you from me and a wish for a very Happy New Year, too!