Friday, December 30, 2011

Oopsy! Super Fly.

What in the World?

I ordered my fly predators the other day, taking advantage of the early order form to get the special double shipments twice during the fly season.

For those of you who don't know, fly predators are teeny tiny wasp critters that feed on the stable fly larvae. You get a shipment of little ready to hatch eggs and spread them about the stable areas where it's wet or near the manure pile.  The little bugs hatch and eat, cutting the fly population considerably. They are not a 100% cure for flies, but they surely do help around here.

I just received an email from the company indicating that there had been an error in my order and would I please check it and notify them as to how to remedy.

My goodness!! According to the order on the email. I bought about 10 or more "subscriptions" to fly predators for 2012!  Somehow, my order had multiplied worse than stable flies.

Hopefully, their email shows the company clearly understands this was wrong and it will be easily fixed.

But things like this make me nervous. It's one of those moments when using the Internet as opposed to a face-to-face transaction gets a bit risky.

I do a lot of business and shopping on the Internet myself. As a matter of fact, I find shopping on line a great way to get bargains and save the time of driving all over to find just the right purchase.

And yet, this little incident pulls me up short now and then. It's a good reminder to shop carefully and from reputable sellers all along the way.

Hopefully the Boys and I will not be buried under fly predators this summer. At the size of my erroneous order, we'd have every acre of land covered with them.

Then again, I guess I really would have no flies around here.


  1. Wow! With that many fly eating wasps, they'd have to move on to more fly-infested pastures, because they'd probably eats your flies all up in a matter of days. lol!

    I hope your order gets worked out in time for fly season.


  2. Fly predators sound like a good thing...but in moderation. Glad you caught the glitch in your order and I hope the company fixes it before shipment. I'm intrigued by the fly predators but haven't tried them. I don't think we get hot enough, long enough for them to prosper where I live.

  3. I woudl love to have this fly in Europe. It is a brilliant idea! Once I kept prdering books from Amazon in DOUBLE!!!! It happened twice. I tell you now I am very careful to check my order!!!!

  4. I've received wrong orders too, but I'm sure it was my fault and I should have checked the order before I hit purchase.

    You know with that many fly predators you could probably sprinkle them along the trails so you wouldn't have to use the bug armor. :)

  5. Got my fly predators ordered too, to get the bonus. You can never have too many of them!