Friday, December 09, 2011

Quiet Days at Follywoods

No Snow, Though

We had heavy rain over the last two days and despite predictions that it might change to snow overnight, it didn't. Of that, I am glad.  Snow, in moderation, is OK, although I am not fond of it, but over top of all the water that was already lying about, it's just a mess.  This scenario would have been rather dreadful.

I am, obviously, not yet riding again. My knees are nearly back to how they were before the famous fall, but I think the colder weather is making them a bit more sore than they might be if it were warmer. Not bad, however, so I am not complaining. And most of the time, when I get up to do something, I don't really think much about how I am going to walk. I just walk.

I think the Boys were grateful for their rainsheets the other day. As noted, it was pretty miserable out there and more than once I saw them all gathered under the run in shed. Well, sort of. Chance usually ends out being half in while the other two Boys hog the better part of the protection. There is plenty of room on both sides of the barn for three horses to fit, but it always seems that it's "third man out," and Chance is at the bottom of the pecking order.

It is kind of curious to me as to why that happens. There is no physical reason why the two older horses cannot move a bit further under to let him fit comfortably under the roof.  But herd protocol seems to be that the alpha horses get all the benefits and the omegas must be reminded of their lower status.  You'd think there'd be an urge to support the common welfare.  It's not as if the three of them are not good friends.

When I went out to feed on Monday morning, all three were romping and frolicking in the front paddocks. Tucker was galloping around while Chance and Toby played horse volleyball--or whatever--over the paddock fence. They were rearing and biting at each other, having a grand old time. Once again, my camera was in the house, but I probably wouldn't have gotten any good pictures anyhow. Either they would have been blurry, empty as the horse galloped off just as I pressed the shutter, or I would have ended up with close ups of horse noses which is usually what happens when they see me with the camera. *lol*

If I want good horse pics, I have to sneak around like one of those paparazzi hiding in the bushes to catch shots of celebrities.

Maybe I'll go out later today, since the sun is shining, and try to get a few pictures of my little herd in the orange sheets. Everyone is rather dirty from rolling about in the mud, but they certainly are happy.


  1. Good to hear that your knees are doing better. It's too bad you couldn't get a picture of them playing. We did get about 4 inches of snow but I'm thinking it will melt soon. The rain the previous day and night was drenching and they were not happy. I have three run in sheds for 7 horses. One they refuse to use, the big one only had one horse (Mellon) in it and the rest of them were all trying to squeeze into the much smaller shed. Can't figure them out either.

  2. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Glad you were spared the snow and that the knees are improving - it must be nice not to have to think about them all the time.

    Horses don't seem to be much into sharing resources - generosity must not be a horse thing. I have trouble getting candid shots too - I'm either too far away or get "nose" shots . . .

  3. Horse volley-ball, also known as "fencing," pun intended. Thrust, parry, en garde, etc. over a fence:)

  4. You need a video camera... Perhaps Father Christmas will get you one ^-^

    No rain, no snow, it is very very dry, with as much dust as summer. TBH it is becoming quite worrying ...

  5. at least the fences survived. glad the knees are good.

  6. Altruism is a rare trait in the animal world, and is only displayed under very specific circumstances in a few species. Horses are not an altruistic species, no matter how much we would like them to be.

    I am glad to hear that your knees are doing well, though. The colder weather is making me sore, too. And I haven't got any bionic knees... just the regular ones!

  7. Despite a long period of no work your boys will be in better shape that horses kept in stalls. So you won't have to start at ground zero.

    Snow on top of rain is not fun in any way. Here in Colorado we have had snow on the ground now for about 10 days. That is actually sort of unusual; often it melts a few days after it snows.

    I am very, very happy to hear that you get up and don't really think about how you are going to get from point A to point B. Yay!!!!

  8. I don;t have bad knees and I can't face riding in this rain and cold :-(