Tuesday, December 20, 2011


How To Waste Time

I am playing computer games again. I haven't done this with any kind of dedication for years.  Most of the games I've played have been mere diversions, not obsessions.

But, "back when" I played the Sierra adventure games with a serious vengeance--for hours and hours at a time.  These were not "shoot 'em up" arcade games, but legitimate adventure games where your character moved about in a virtual world and had to solve puzzles to move the story along. The avatar would need to find objects along the way to use in various places, interact with various characters, and actually move through life as his/her story unfolded. Sure, there was combat at times, but nothing that I--somewhat "speed challenged" on the mouse or cursor--couldn't handle. I didn't need a game controller or quick fingers. All I really needed was my brain. The games?  Hero's Quest, King's Quest, the old Leisure Suit Larry, and Space Quest.  

Then "adventure" games moved to arcade mode. I had to shoot fast at targets, kill, maim, destroy, all requiring physical skills I just didn't have.  My fine motor skills just don't suit that kind of action.

Time passed. I played FreeCell, a lot. There were a few little short adventure games--mostly Scooby Doo--online.  Then, I discovered Angry Birds and a number of other "physics based" games online.  Basically, you shoot some kind of object--birds, rocks, etc.--to break or move obstacles which then supposedly react as they would in the real world to collapse or knock things about in order to reach a goal.

Fun stuff. I found and played Zombie Drop, All We Need is Brain, and, of course, the Angry Birds series.  I have since spent hours happily smashing zombies or leading them to their deaths and crunching green pigs.

Then, I discovered some more old fashioned adventure games from Big Fish Games.  These are not the "find the hidden object" games with time restraints, but the kind of games where you wander about solving puzzles in order to reach an objective.  I spent a good part of the day finishing up Spirits of Mystery: The Amber Maiden, and have already spent hours working out the puzzles in the Drawn series.

I am sure I could be spending my time more productively. I'm still not quite ready to ride again, so that's out for the time being.  The outside chores beckon to some degree, but the colder weather has put me off a bit. I did do the laundry and I have to wrap my presents.  There is some house cleaning calling to me again--as it so often does--but I'm having fun.

Sometimes there's really nothing wrong with that.

I do need to go shopping to get the Boys their traditional carrots with tops for Christmas. The rest of my shopping is done.

I guess I have a little extra time to waste.


  1. Timely post! I was just trying to figure out how to use our Wii since it's raining here. I wasn't really able to get the hang of it and got bored. I always liked reading better than games, anyway.

    I did love the old Sierra games, especially King's Quest! I also enjoyed the old empire building games, can't remember the names now. I'll have to see if I can find those games you mentioned... procrastination is contagious! *L*

  2. I just finished my Angry Birds for the day. I love that game and wait like a little kid for new games to show up. Years ago I used to play Zelda and River Raid when games first came out. I should be doing something more constructive but for now I really can't think of anything and having fun is good too. I figure I'm old enough to do what I feel like once in a while.

  3. And so you should have some time to waste. There was a time in your life when you were so busy that you had not a minute to spare but I hope life is softer, more generous in time at this point.

  4. You are like my Mum (68yrs old) and playing to the World of Warcraft etc...

    But I CANNOT play, I am sure it is something with my brain wiring. I am a reader.
    Apparently for reading your brain uses low frequency waves and for playing it is high frequency waves ... or something like that.

    I have NEVER been hooked to any games, perhaps Spider solitiare card games, when I should have been written my thesis ^-^