Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shoes On

Tucker is Back In Action

Well, not exactly as he is still in his stall because the mud is still pretty muddy.  Scott put his shoes on--not easy since one hoof was pretty broken in the wall.

I am going to wait a bit and then turn him out in the riding arena where there is sand for footing. Trouble is, we may have more storms coming over the next couple days, then a few days of dry and then more storms. I have a feeling his turnout will be limited for a while.

There is the run in shed out there and I will make sure he has water as well as hay available, so it won't be so bad, but it's far from being able to just hang around as he pleases. My big worry is the darn big flies.  I don't know if they will follow him into the run-in or not. I guess I am just going to have to put him out there and keep an eye on him.

I will be keeping him in at night until the ground dries out. Usually, this time of year this is not a problem. But we have had over 10 inches of rain over the last week or so and the ground is saturated. Bummer.

And, of course I am not riding, so turnout is basically the only exercise the Boys get. I may, however, start to lunge Tucker just to make up for his confinement time.

At least I can do that now.


  1. The weather everywhere seems to be anti-horse this year. Hope your ground dries out soon.

  2. Glad he's got his shoes and is able to go out for a little. He'd probably enjoy some longeing to break up the boredom. We had a really bad storm here last night, thunder and lightning to add to the excitement just as we were taking them in. Anyway, hope he's feeling his old self soon and the weather cooperates.

  3. It's surprising that no one has created a glue, like denture wearers use, to help horses keep their shoes on.

  4. Ten inches! That's almost what we get in a year!