Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Power ON

At Last

Posting from my tablet as my laptop insists on hibernating.

Power came on while I was relaxing at the pool, finishing my swim with a nice hot shower.

Still waiting for the cable, Internet and phone service, but with my wifi, I will be fine.

The only news on the horse front is that my ground is dry enough for Tucker to be out again.  I also am a bit anxious about getting a supply of hay before I go for surgery. My hay guy has not been there yet this week--no power.

Enough for now. Never thought having electricity woul be such a thrill.


  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Glad you got power back, and hope the hay situation gets resolved shortly.

  2. Hooray - you have power! I think there are still many that don't, also many that have flooding, in places I didn't expect.

  3. YooHOO! I am glad you got the POWER ^-^ Sorry could not help.

    When are you leaving for surgery exactly?

  4. Good to hear that your power is back on. Now if the hay guy would show up that would be perfect. We just got our power back about an hour ago and the cable at the same time. Took them long enough. Can't believe how happy I am to have my computer back up. When is your surgery scheduled? Hope you have time to set everything up the way you want it before you go.