Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Sorta Sore

But Not Too Bad

After my knockdown on Easter Sunday, I am feeling a bit sore.

I am a bruised butt sore, but not too bad. One shoulder is a little achy. My core muscles in my stomach area are sore as well. I must have tried to stop the fall or twisted as I went down. And muscles on either side of my neck are sore as I kind of whiplashed as the back of my head hit the dirt.

I was sort of hoping to try a little ride on Chance this week but until the sore behind part goes away, I am opting out.

Again, it's really not much pain to speak of. I don't quite bounce the way I did when I was younger, but apparently there is still a little bounce left in me.

Now that the weather seems to have broken out into legitimate Spring, I do hope I don't need to deal with sheets until the bugs return. At that point, the Boys will get their fly sheets. I hope they appreciate the respite from clothing for the month or so.

Meanwhile, the shedding season is in full force. It's really amazing how much horse hair I can rake off each Boy in a grooming session. The undercoats they shed are dense, fuzzy, and neverending. It's always a challenge trying to make a horse in full shed look presentable. Every time you think you've gotten all the loose hair groomed out, there is always more to come.

I've been grooming them in their stalls for the most part, but perhaps I should do it outside where the birds can collect some of the hair for nesting material. Don't you think a nice little cozy bed of fuzzy horse hair would be a great place to bring up babies?

Update: Phooey. Supposed to go down below 40F and be rainy tomorrow and Thursday. Looks like the sheets are back on. Have to use a different one for Toby. Thank goodness I have a spare.


  1. I'm glad there wasn't too much damage. My boys have been rambunctious with this crazy weather, too.

    I always find the horses' hair in the bird nests around the farm, along with bits of baling twine and sometimes the strings from the feed bags. Birds are very resourceful!

    A friend of mine does blanket repair in that area, I've seen her resurrect things that I would have deemed a total loss and she's very reasonably priced! It's Eileen's Equine Tailoring, she's on Facebook and she does pickup and delivery.

  2. Glad you're just a little sore. This too shall pass and you'll be riding in no time.

    Hairy beasts! The birds do make use of everything they find. I'm sure nests around here are technicolor with all the different coats.

  3. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Glad you're not worse off and hope the soreness goes away soon. We've got the cold and rain too for the next several days.

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  5. Glad to hear that it's no worse than soreness. I hope by now (Sunday) that you feel good enough to ride - assuming that spring has decided to return. Beautiful day here in Switzerland, sunny, in the 60's and no wind.

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