Thursday, April 02, 2015

Nibbling Invisible Grass

The Boys Go Grazing

Well, not really. There is evidence that the grass is sprouting here and there but it certainly isn't much. However, with the snow cover gone at last, the Boys seem to think the pasture is lush and they are doing their best to cultivate the illusion.

I think the warmer weather helps. They are moving out of the paddocks by the barn where they spent most of the winter months--at least the cold ones--and going out and about into the far reaches of the pasture.

Now, mind you the pasture is only about two acres, so we are not talking miles from home, but it is nice to see them wandering out and about. There has also been a bit more galloping and frolicking going on.

I am blessed to live on just enough of a hill that most of my land drains pretty quickly. As well, since my soil has a thick layer of sand below the topsoil and a layer of clay, the ground does not hold water. While I do have some mud near the barn, the outer areas dried out pretty quickly and the footing is good for frolics.

And, for riding. I am back to working on stretching my hips and thighs with the goal of trying to ride Chance next week. If I'm comfy enough in the saddle, we may try a little trail ride. I walked the woods trail a day or so ago, clearing out any fallen branches and making sure it was navigable. It looked good enough to ride so it's waiting for us. Since it's perhaps a 15 minute ride, it would be the perfect outing tor a totally unfit rider on a totally unfit horse.

Besides, I think it would make Chance smile.

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