Thursday, April 16, 2015

Note To Self

Stretch Before You Get On To Ride

As you can probably tell from the post title here, I rode again today.

The ride was a little longer, about 20 minutes, and I did not stretch my left hip area by "riding" the barrel before I got into the saddle.

Error. My hip and psoas muscle definitely protested. It was OK and I managed the ride, but it was decidedly more uncomfortable than Monday.  Tuesday's rain kept me out of the saddle and Wednesday, I ended up substitute teaching. That meant a 40 minute swim after school instead.

I do a lot of stretching and exercises in the water besides swimming so that's a plus, but there is nothing quite like actually sitting in the saddle. Riding just exercises a special group of muscles and joint attachments.

So, today's ride taught me a good lesson. I do need to stretch myself before I get in the saddle and it's going to take a while before I can really be comfortable when I ride.

And the lesson for all of you too. If you do suffer an injury that requires physical rehab. you need to remind yourself and your therapist you are a rider. Perhaps between the two of you you can come up with rehab exercises that will complement your riding seat rather than compromise it as mine did.

Live and learn.


  1. Anonymous6:22 AM

    Ouch! Hope it all feels better soon.

  2. We're never to old to learn something new. Stretching is probably a good idea for all of us even without an injury. Feel better.

  3. Good point! And true for many situations.