Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Luck Ran Out

First, We Are All OK

But my brand new generator is not cranking out any power to speak of.

I have called the contractor, but no one can come out to check it for me. They are all very busy.

Great. I plan ahead and the plan fails. Don't know what to do at the moment except leave the freezer closed and hope for the best. 

The Boys have enough water for a few days. After that??? There are power outages all over and we will not be on the top of anyone's list to be restored. There was a tree down on the wires down the road. I doubt that the electric company will deal with that as a priority. 

Bummer indeed. I figured I was all set. Now I am at square one with a huge financial investment and nothing to show for it.

On the bright side, the storm has passed and while I do have some huge tree limbs down, the rest of things are fine. The house and barn are OK and while the Boys are a little spookier than normal, they too are fine. So all the important stuff is all right.  

More of the saga later. I am on battery power and I don't want to use too much up.


  1. Glad you made it through but how annoying, to have a generator and have it not function. I was worried about your horses getting hit by flying debris. I'm very happy they're O.K.

  2. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Glad you're all safe and hope you get the power issue sorted.

  3. Our really expensive generator failed when we needed it as well. Generators are a pain in the rear.

  4. Frustrating, but glad you re ok. Hope things improve quickly!

  5. glad you're all ok, bummer about the generator....so much for being prepared!

  6. I know, I know - the important things are ok but still - you really planned ahead and then it fails. There is so much damage in NJ from the storm that you are probably right about not being a priority. I looked at your forecast and while it's not seriously cold, it's not exactly warm either. Looks like the nights will be mid 30's by the weekend. I assume you have no heat either?

    1. I have a gas fireplace that works, so I have heat. Thanks for asking.

  7. That stinks about the generator. I'm happy to hear that you and the boys are ok. We all made it through too. Lots of downed trees and some fencing too. All horses and dogs are fine though.

    About the only thing working here is our generator. We are trapped in the house and can't leave our driveway. Trees downed on the road on either side plus power lines and transformer in the road. We have to wait for the tree cutting crews plus the power co. To clear it out before we can make a turn either left or right. No Internet, phone or tv either. I'm working off my iPad on cellular for now. Hang in there this was one of the worst ones I've seen but we will get through it.

  8. I am relieved that you have heat! I hope the water situation for the horses doesn't become dire. What a mess everything is! My niece lives in Brooklyn and I think the subway will be down for days or more. I suppose a lot of people will be working from home if they can. Lots of people that live there don't have cars.

  9. OK, so far so good, though now, weeks later, I hear some people are still without power in places...
    - The Equestrian Vagabond