Thursday, October 25, 2012

Will It, or Won't It?

Either Way, I'll Be Ready

OK, so I decided to purchase a snow thrower/blower this year and bought one at Sears on sale. It was smaller than the one I'd already looked at which was good. But, although I put it together just fine, I still haven't started it up. And, of course, with no snow, even when I do start it, I will not know how well it will clean the pathway to the barn and the garage for me.

That was to be the big purchase for October.

But, that was before Sandra--or Sandy, as she is more affectionately known.  Who is she? A hurricane roving around the Atlantic, setting her gaze on the Northeast--namely New Jersey and New York. If she does arrive, she may well be met by a dashing young weather front cruising in for the party from the west.

The potential result? A marriage made in the sky some are calling a "Frankenstorm."  Yikes.

Now, as some of you in the East USA may remember, last year we had the now infamous "Snowtober" storm right before Halloween, almost a year to the day to Sandy's proposed arrival.  I lost power for about 4 days then when the leafy trees, downed by heavy snow dropped electrical wires all over the place.

I have a generator, but when I started it up the power output was so anemic, it barely ran the refrigerator.

I did not intend to get caught powerless again. In early spring, I had contacted an electrician to set me up with a new generator, but we never did get together. As the summer moved on, I didn't follow up.

So, here I was, once again threatened by no electricity which meant no water for me or the horses--I have wells and pumps.  I called an electrical contractor, who, as it turned out, was the same guy I had called earlier in the year and his associate suggested I buy a generator at Home Depot--he even suggested a brand--and they would be happy to install it for me.

Off I went on an online shopping trip.  Alas, Home Depot's telephone service was pathetic. I was either on hold, waiting for someone to pick up the line, or I got disconnected so many times that I finally gave up. So, I searched Lowe's and found another generator for a similar price and managed, within an hour or so to find the last one in stock at my very local Lowe's and buy it.

A pretty penny, and not exactly in the budget for the month, but I will pinch pennies and pay for at least part of it with my substitute teaching earnings for the month--a fair sum.  In the meantime, the electrician should be here Saturday morning to get me set up.

If Sandy comes, I'll be ready. And, if she dumps some snow--so far not predicted--I guess I'll be able to clear the paths.

I may not have any money, but sometimes peace of mind costs a bit more than planned.


  1. Preparing for the "super storm" down here in coastal NC too. I haven't invested in a generator yet - you'll be happy that you did! When a hurricane marries a nor'easter, it's never good. :(

    No snow expected here. We'll have ocean overwash, roads breached and lots of flooding. Oh yeah, and winds from 35 - 60 mph for five days. Five days...

  2. It's hard to spend money on things like that but they really are essentials. Your peace of mind and relief if you actually have to use them will be the reward for spending the money.

  3. I remember last "snowtober" very well. We too have a generator for the house and one for the barn. Without it the automatic waterers don't work and it's a lot of work getting the buckets down and filled. We did have four days without last year but the generators really helped. You'll be glad you have them if needed. Went food shopping yesterday (my normal day) and the pre-storm shoppers are already stocking up.

    I can't believe this is happening again for Halloween. I feel bad for the little kidlets who are so excited to Trick or Treat. They didn't get a chance last year and this year isn't looking too good for them either. Luckily, my eldest daughter has already scheduled a scary party for the kids...if they can make it. I hope against hope that Miss Sandy blows herself out to sea and doesn't reach us.

  4. I used to live in South Texas when i was little and had hurricanes to deal with then. or rather, my parents did. no thank you!!!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond