Monday, April 23, 2012

The Mystery of Patchadoodle

Now That We Know Where He Is

If you've been following my blog, you know that my indoor kitty, Patchadoodle got out of the house through an open screen and has been missing since Wednesday. I have been hunting for him every day, inhibited by my two barn kitties, Peppercorn and Misty, who are very territorial and apparently chased Patches from my property.

Yesterday was my birthday and I had hoped for a happy discovery, but alas, there was a terrific rainstorm here which made kitty searching difficult.

I had called my animal communicator in California on Friday, and was hoping I'd hear back from her since this was an emergency.  She finally called sometime on Sunday with an apology as she had been tied up in a conference and was not able to be of much help right away. But she left phone numbers of four other communicators she felt could be of more immediate assistance.  I called all four, and managed to connect with one, Marta--also in California. ( I live in New Jersey.)

Marta and I arranged a consult later in the afternoon.  I sent her some pictures of Patches, a Google Earth photo of my house and the neighboring area, and a full story of what had happened. Complications slowed the process down until early evening here as the rains poured down. But finally, Marta called to tell me that Patches was OK, but scared to come home because of the other attacking cats. I told her I was working on getting them locked up somewhere and to assure Patches that it would indeed be safe for him to come home.

Then, Marta asked me if there was a house with a dumpster nearby. Sure enough, the house next to my Aunt's next door does have a dumpster in the front yard. "Patches is there," Marta said. "Get in the car and go over there right away."

By this time, I'd already snagged Peppercorn and locked him in the sunroom, but I didn't have Misty yet. I don't think she was the main antagonist, but I told Marta to tell Patches it was safe and I'd be right there.

Out I went. It was teeming down rain, and I think we were in the peak of the storm. I walked all over my neighbor's yard, calling and calling. I looked under the dumpster, everywhere. No Patches.

Disheartened I came back home, sopping wet. No cat in his right mind would have been out in that weather--except for Misty who managed to run out to the barn across the yard where I finally caught her too and locked her in the sun room.

Fast forward to this morning, about 8 AM. I went out into the horse's pasture which backs up to the neighbor's dumpster house, and there was Patches, sitting on a rock at the edge of the flower garden!! As soon as I called him, he started meowing to me, but he would not come.  Despite food and coaxing, I spent well over an hour and a half trying to get my hands on him, but no success. He did, however, come as far as my back yard, behind the garage where I gave him some food.  Then he slipped away again, and I've not seen him since.

So, definite sighting and a first step in recovery. I do have a trap, but it has such a hair trigger, I'm not sure it would work. My neighbor from the other side has a trap as well that may be better, so I am hoping I will be able to borrow it. I bought some nice fishy cat food and will try to get my little buddy back.

He is spooked and has reverted to some feral behavior--not unexpected--so it may take some effort on my part to reassure him and bring him in to safety.

Ironically, I was totally convinced he had gone to the other side of my property and not in this direction. But Marta was right on target. The house with the dumpster is exactly where Patches was.

Now all I need to do is get him home.

Just hope the fat raccoon I saw last night doesn't end up in the trap instead.  If I do set the trap, I will be going out every couple hours to check it, however, so if anything gets caught it won't be stuck in there for long.

Hope it's a Patchadoodle.


  1. Very hopeful news, I can't wait for the next installment of the story.

  2. Happy Birthday Jean! I hope the trap works and your kitty Patchadoodle is in it soon. That would be the best birthday present. I'm guessing your two "watch cats" will be kept inside until you get Patch home. Good luck.

  3. oooh, poor kitty, i hope he learns it's safe and he comes home! and, late happy birthday!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  4. I hope they have a place for you in Cats Heaven. You are a Saint! I am glad Patches is allright. I bet he will be very happy to be back home.

    We have an on-going Cat War at home, FatCat is always trying to be the top cat. And we have to make sure Minnie is okay. FatCat is a real bully...

    Wish you luck with catching Patches! Well done to the animal communicator!