Saturday, April 14, 2012

Plan Fail

Once Again I Don't Do

I was going to work the Boys.  Fail.

On Thursday, I took Peppercorn in to be neutered. That took time out of the morning. Then, I needed to call to check on him around noon, so I just kind of hung out and did computer things.  Then, they said I could go pick him up around 2 PM.  I had decided to take Misty back for a feline leukemia test to see if she could become a housecat, so that added to the trip back to the vet.  By the time I was done with all that--and the wind--the day just slipped by and I was worn out.

Friday? Stunningly beautiful day. But, I had signed up for a Tack Swap at a local saddle store and needed to get all the extra tack and equipment I don't need together to see if I could sell it.

Needless to say, a number of leather goods, including two synthetic saddles, needed some serious cleaning. Collecting, cleaning, sorting, and packing the car took most of the day. And, oh, yes, I had to go on a little shopping trip to see what kind of labels or tags I could buy to put prices on the stuff I was selling.  By the time I was done, it was feeding time, so one more day slipped by.

On the plus side, much to my surprise, Peppercorn is not at all upset with me. As a matter of fact, he is being decidedly friendly and kept me company the whole time I was doing the tack thing. He still wants me to pet him when I feed him and is hanging around closer to the house.  I was not at all confident that he knew what a litter box was, so I did not even consider giving him the "in house" option.  I'm not keen about outdoor kitties here with all the road traffic, but I had to make a decision.

Misty is indoors for now. There's been a lot of hissing and some growling, but generally things are pretty quiet. We'll just have to wait and see how she fits in. My kittyboys are a content, sociable pride and I don't want to disrupt that with a new cat--and a girl at that--but I think it will be OK. I do know she certainly likes the idea of being indoors.


  1. At what number do you transition from being The Horse Lady to The Cat Lady?

  2. You might not have been able to work the boys but you did get a lot of things done. Hope you had a successful outing at the tack swap and sold everything! You'll have time to ride and the weather is supposed to be very nice for a while.

  3. I so need to go through my tack and take some of it to a tack swap! I have boxes full of stuff I'll never use in my basement, but then I always think "What if I need it someday?".

    Your weekend is shaping up like mine. I've got so many chores to do, I haven't managed to squeeze in a ride yet.

  4. You have had busy days. But you have gotten a lot done in the kitty and unneeded tack department. I hope you can sell your tack. It's only April 14. You will get more nice days before the heat and humidity of summer descend.

  5. my experience is that the minute I let a bit of tack go, I want it....