Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Slow Progress

Ups and Downs

The trouble with judging my healing progress it that day by day, things change.

My knees themselves remain stiff, mostly from swelling. Part of it may still be that my body is trying to decide whether or not to accept the artificial knees. There is a bit of a rejection process involved aside from the fact that my bones have new pieces inserted in them.

My upper leg muscles vary from day to day. Since I did some lifting out in the barn the other day, including a bale of hay, there was some extra stress which made them a bit more sore than normal.  But yesterday's physical therapy pushed me through that and today, the muscles are not bad. It's the knees themselves that ache.

On the plus side, walking around seems to help. And, I can finally ride my exercise bike. Getting the right leg to go all the way around was the hard part, but I've passed that crisis.  I was riding the incumbent bike in therapy, so adding some bike work at home will be good.

I visit my surgeon on Friday and hope he will give me the OK to drive. I plan on testing myself with the car in the driveway before I go, just to see how it feels. Since I did drive the lawn tractor with no problem, the car should be easier as it takes less pressure to move the pedals. Since it's an automatic transmission, my right leg needs to do the work. I'm pretty sure I'm ready.

The Boys were out in the pasture when I went to feed them this morning.  I'm glad they were not hanging out at the barn looking for me since I slept a little later than I've been over the last week.  I put all their feed--including grain, hay cubes, and hay--in the stalls and called them in.  Chance came first, at the gallop, followed closely by Tucker and Toby, galloping in as well. Seeing them come like that when I call is always fun. I'm sure anyone would be impressed at how eager my horses are to respond to me.

Now, if they'd only come galloping in when I just want to work them. *G*


  1. I love it when my herd comes galloping up at the end of the day. Of course, it's dinnertime, but I'd like to think they missed me all day. Yeah right.

    You're making big strides with your knees in my opinion. (I didn't do nearly as well as you are) Being able to make a complete revolution on the bike is a big step. Riding really helps the range of motion thing. I was so happy once I could get my own socks on! Don't know if you'll get the go-ahead from the doc for driving but you might. Hang in there, it all takes time.

  2. Yoru determination is very impressive. IMO you are making good progress. Well done!

    Take it easy. I am sure your body is accepting your new knees.

    (((BIG HUGS))))

    Your Boys are such Mammone (Mummy's boys) ^-^

  3. I'm really impressed with your quick recovery. You're doing so great! This gives me hope for when I need to start getting things replaced. *G*

    My non-horsey mother-in-law is always very impressed with the way the horses come running to me at feed time and then follow me around like sweet little puppies, patiently waiting for their dinner. I don't have the heart to tell her it's because when they don't behave themselves, I don't feed them! *L*