Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rollicking Good Time

Not Exactly What the Doctor Ordered

I was supposed to walk Chance in had for a while every day.  I've done so, but not as long as would be ideal.  He'd been in his stall for about two weeks now and, on the surface, appears quite settled about it.

So, I took him out on the lunge line yesterday just to let him graze and walk a bit.


Something set him off and before I knew it, he bolted.  Now, my knees are pretty good, but not yet good enough to either set against the power of a bolting horse or to run with a bolting horse in hopes of being able to stop him.  The line slid through my gloved hands and off he went, galloping through the arena gate and out to the pasture.

Then he came galloping back through the paddocks, around, back out to the pasture, around....well, you get the picture. I'm not sure which was more appalling; waiting for the trailing lunge line to trip him, or wondering what kind of damage he might be doing to his possibly injured ankle.

There was no way to either corner or capture my wild man until he decided to settle down a bit and munch some grass.  At that point, I got a bucket of feed. managed to get a hold of the line and walk him back into the barn.

He was quite pleased with himself.  Fortunately, his leg looked none the worse for wear and shows no sign of any real heat or swelling.  I can only hope the exercise didn't do him any harm.

Dr. Klayman is coming tomorrow morning and I will let Chance wander around in the barn aisle for his exercise session. No point in repeating the same mistake. *sigh*

Meanwhile, Tucker is back out and so far looks OK.  He stayed in for about three days with his foot wrapped and seems to be OK. Toby looks OK too, but I haven't done much testing of his back to see how that is. I'd really rather have the vet look at it.

So much for my "bedside manner."  Not exactly what the doctor ordered. *G*


  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Glad everyone (and you as well) are OK!

  2. Ooops, a fizzy horse! I bet he was very smugged after his run. What a cheeky boy.

    I hope you are all well. ^-^

  3. I really hate when they do something like that. Sounds like Chance had himself a good time and didn't injure anything again. They give you heart attacks when they pull stunts like this.

    Yesterday I put Dusty out with Sami as a companion figuring everything would be so calm and quiet. Then I look out and see them galloping up and down the hills. So much for keeping her quiet with her suspensory injury. Sami is never allowed to be a baby sitter again!

    Good luck with the vet.

  4. I did the same with Tetley once. He'd been on box rst for his sacroiliac strain and I took him out for a graze. He pulley away, turned on to a concrete yard, jumped a 5 bar steel gate and did not stop galloping for ten whole minutes.

    He was sound from then on!


  5. oops. not a lot you could do, though, and glad he seems no worse for it.

  6. Thank goodness you had the instincts to let go and the good luck that all is well.

  7. I am glad that you didn't try to set against Chance. Thank goodness he didn't trip on the line or snap his head. I hope you get a good report on all three from the vet.