Thursday, November 08, 2007

We Have a Problem

This is part of the trail through the woods. Sometimes I jump the little log, just for fun.

Definitely A Problem
Tucker is just not right. I took him in the ring to ride a little. The trot was fine, but I didn't try to really ask for more than a lower level frame. Then I asked for some canter and his ears went back, his back humped up, and he started to shut down big time. He was very clearly saying, "No, I can't"
Here is Tucker dressed in his pink quarter sheet so the hunters can see us.

That test completed, I took him out on a nice little walking hack through the woods, as his walk felt fine. And, if his sacroilliac is out, walking is generally good for that. There are a few little hills along the route, and on one of the downhills, he was decidedly short strided and overly careful, so that too points to something being "out" in his back.

Fortunately, I have an appointment with my marvelous chiropractic/acupuncture veterinarian tomorrow at 4 PM, so we'll get it all sorted out pretty quickly, I'm sure.

My farrier was here this morning and we decided to leave Chance shoeless as long as we can. With winter coming, I'd rather have no shoes as that gives him far better traction in the snow and ice. Then we will see if his feet can hold up once Spring comes back.

I just long lined Chance today, because he needs some work at accepting the bit without me on his back. I "veeded" the lines through the top ring, the bit and then a lower ring--the top ring rein going to my hand. He argued a little about it at first, then dropped his head into a lovely frame and gave me some very nice work. I think he is going to have a very nice trot and a good, three beat canter and, overall, he seems very balanced. I had to be careful to make sure to "give" the lines when he came on to the bit so that he didn't overbend, but he was very easy to correct. I pushed him past his quitting point so that he will build up his stamina and muscles and was pleased to see how welll he accepted the driving aids. It was a really nice session.

Toby and I took to the woods for a pleasant trail ride. As usual, he was a good boy and he caught quite a few branches and leaves to munch on along the way.

This is kind of a cool pic. I was riding Toby and decided to take a picture of the path along the cornfield. I didn't see our shadow until I loaded the piture on the computer. One of those unexpected "art" shots, I guess. *G*


  1. That last picture is great! Hope its nothing too serious with his back or anything. With my back out I can really sympathise with the horses!

  2. Ohh nice pics Jean. I like Tucker in pink ^-^

    For the hunters, we attached dog hunting bells to the bridle or the sadlle ... Usually a hunter won't shoot a dog.

    It makes nice rythm bells :-)

  3. Lovely pics!

    Hope its nothing too serious for the Tucker boy be a shame to interupt things when he's doing so well.
    Ive got my Bowen lady coming out to give Polo the once over next weekend ,even though he's decided to feel much better,she been really busy so had to wait a month for appointment,will get her to check AliG over too.

  4. fantastic pictures! i would love to ride those woods with you.

    You know, they don't look nearly so good on google earth!

  5. I hope Tucker is better soon.