Wednesday, November 21, 2007

So There are More Layers Than an Onion

And Tucker Has Them All

Interesting. When my vet examined Tucker, he found him sore on the left stifle and also "out" in his sacroilliac. When I expressed some surprise, he said, "Sometimes you just have to peal away the layers to get to the root of the problem."

So, Tucker had some more acupuncture and was none too happy about it. He was very reactive to the needles this time. Dr. Klayman said for some reason, horses reactions do vary. Sometimes from day to day the same horse will react differently. Today, Tuck was not a happy camper.

I cannot ride him tomorrow, but turn out is OK, so he is again in the riding ring until late feed.

The ground is drying quickly, but we are supposed to get more rain and I am not too optimistic.

Dr. Klayman suggested some kind of hoof boots. So far I have not had much luck finding a brand to fit Tucker. These would have to go over his shoes, stay safely on for serveral hours so he could frolic with the rest of the little herd. Anyone have any recommendations?

In the meantime, I am keeping him in the arena in the sand. So far so good. But he really does need the social interaction and play time with his buddies. Horses are meant to be herd animals, not solitary creatures.

I will work it all out eventually. It will definitely be interesting to ride Tuck on Friday to see if he feels any better.

For those in the USA, Happy Thanksgiving! And for those who do not celebrate our national holiday, I wish you the spirit of the day. May you too remember to give thanks for all the gifts you have and the love you share.



    Poor Tucker, he did really hurt himself !!!

    Healing vibes for him.

    Thanks for the spirit of thanksgiving day ... I did not know what this celebration meant ...

  2. a question - what's thanksgiving about, what's its history? i've always wondered.... is it related to harvest festival?

  3. Happy Thanksgiving although like Claire I have no idea why you celebrate it:)
    Hope Tucker gets better soon,Polo is very needle phobic so i'd hate to see how he'd react to acupuncture!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving Jean!

    Why has your vet recommended hoof boots?????