Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turned Them All Out

In the Ring and the Pasture

My set up allows access to the pasture directly from the ring or paddocks, so I closed off the muddy paddock gate, opened the sandy ring gate and turned all three Boys out in the ring.
I put another water tub at the edge of the fence and hay out in the pasture.

No shelter, but when it's nearly 70f and sunny, who needs shelter. I couldn't ride Tucker anyhow because of the acupuncture and since I was going to Thanksgiving dinner at 2 PM, I opted to just let the herd enjoy itself in the nice weather and pretty solid footing of the pasture and ring.

The temperature is supposed to drop into the 40's tomorrow. I have a male friend coming over to see if the two of us can put up the portable run in. Once that's up, I can leave the Boys on the good footing whenever I want to without worrying about shelter...I think. The shed is 20' X 20' so we will just have to see how it works...and if we can get it up.

My vet mentioned putting boots on Tucker to keep him from pulling his shoes. So, if I did get some, they would have to be the kind the horse could wear over his shoes for turnout. I am not overly keen on the idea unless things get really bad here as far as the footing goes. Usually, it dries out, but we have just had too many days of these soaking kind of showers and no sun to help out. But I do kind of like the possible ring/pasture shed solution.

Tucker is staying in at night with the little enclosed shed area. The other Boys have the two stalls and a run in roof too, but the run in on Tucker's side is the one that best shelters from the winter storms.

So, if I put up the shed where I want to, it will be oriented in the same direction as Tucker's shed and give Toby and Chance the same kind of winter shelter. All in all, it could end up being the best of situations for everyone. The shed will go in the spot where the Boys tend to hang out if the winter weather is blowing in, so they might even use it now and then!

Thanksgiving is a national celebration for giving thanks. It's loosely based on the first dinner the pilgrims had on American soil when they arrived safely after a long sea voyage from England. They thanked God for their safe arrival and for the bounty the new land appeared to provide. Eventually, it became a national holiday when many businesses close so families can get together to share a meal. Lots of charities and churches make up food boxes with turkeys, canned goods, and all other kinds of food to give to needy families. As well, dinners are served to needy people, people in hospitals, shut ins, elderly people and just about anyone anybody can find who needs a Thanksgiving dinner. Restaurants serve up special menus, and those who don't have families of their own are usually invited to somebody's house to celebrate. There is a big parade in New York City with huge helium balloons of critters and movie characters (Shrek debuted this year) and US football games are played all over the place.

Thanksgiving also is the beginning of the Christmas holiday season. At the end of the NY parade, Santa Claus arrives in a big sleigh, reminding everyone that Christmas is on its way. From now until then, there will be Santas in all the shopping malls so little kids can sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas. Tomorrow is known as "Black Friday," the day most stored hope to make a profit for the year and end up "in the black, " rather than the red. Some stores are opening just after midnight, others at 4 AM, and most at 6 or 7 AM with all kinds of special big sale prices on the things people want to buy as Christmas presents. It's really a crazy shopping day I am going to avoid. I don't have all my presents yet, but I do know what I am getting for people, so I certainly don't need to stand in long lines at the checkout to get them.

I've gone out on Black Friday once or twice to just see what it was like and I can tell you, it can get pretty wild out there. Apparently some of the stores that sell computers and gaming systems already have people camped out in tents in their parking lots to be the first in line for some of the bargains.

My local saddle shop is having a drawing for a 42' LCD TV on Saturday, so I may go there just to get a ticket and try my luck. I figure that too will be a pretty wild scene but I'm used to that. He just had drawings for 2 $1000 shopping sprees about a week ago and one for a lawn tractor this summer. So far, I did win a nice nylon halter in one of his promotions, so you never know.

So, that's my country and its quirks. We are a silly lot, sometimes, but every now and then, we do take time to just step back and thank the Lord for all our blessings.


  1. Thanks Jean for this great page of your culture. I love it.

    I really love to find out how people live, their traditions etc... I find it fascinating.

    Just living in England for 7 years was a big culture shock! We are SO different. Latin and anglo-saxon cultures are really oposite.

    I will be interested to see how the American anglo-saxon culture is integrating all the latinos imigrants. It must be quite an ifnluence on your way of life too?


    Try minus 2 degrees C, that's what I had today :-)

    I was stunned when I visited New York to find it was covered in public signs in SPANISH! The last country in the World I expected to allow immigrants not to have to learn the host language was the US, but I guess it's a vote-winner to translate the signs? Like translating council papers into Urdu in this country. Learning English would help people integrate so much better than translating everything, but translating stuff gets politicians voted for so they do it. Oops, enough politics for tonight!


  3. but caroline, in the states to get citizenship they do have to show they can speak English, and even i as a lefty think that people should speak English (as well as their other language).

    anyway, Jean, thanks for the info re thanksgiving.

    your black Friday sounds like our boxing day sales (which these days start before christmas) - huge queues totally mad, i've only done it once and got there at about 0700 and the place (mall) was heaving.